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30 Days to FREEDOM

Let me invite you to get the replays of my new webinar-based, group coaching class, 30 Days to FREEDOM. In 30 Days to FREEDOM, you’re going to learn the exact steps to build a real local marketing business fast! One that will give you the money you need and the time to enjoy that money!

You'll learn the exactly blueprint to follow to build a real marketing agency. If you actually do what I’m going to teach you, you’ll end up with a six-figure business that only can run in just a few hours per week. Best of all, you can get this entire business in place in 30 days or less.

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LinkedIn Autopilot Income

LinkedIn Autopilot Income is our new training + software package that gives you everything you need to build a real, recurring income, autopilot business selling a video content marketing service to local businesses, entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, experts of all kinds, and more right on LinkedIn.

You get complete training on how to do this, plus our two incredible pieces of software, Tube Postr: LinkedIn Edition and LinkedIn Profile Genie. Everything that you need to get going and build the business you’ve always dreamed about.

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Bubbles is our new social proof WordPress plugin. We developed Bubbles to use on our own sales letters, and it worked so well, we thought we’d let others benefit from it, too!

You can see Bubbles in use on this page. Bubbles creates a trusting atmosphere of social proof. This social proof (seeing that others have bought something or taken a desired action) results in more sales or more sign ups.

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Press Release Empire

In my new training and software product, Press Release Empire, I reveal everything.
Specifically, you’ll learn…

My four top easy ways to get clients for your press release service
My proven technique for pinpointing the right newsworthy topic for your press release
The absolute best places to publish business press releases
My proven method of turning a simple sale for one press release into a $2000 sale!
My proven method for turning a one-off press release sale into at least a $1000 monthly income

Comes with our amazing software, Press Release Genie. It writes the releases for you!

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Passive LinkedIn Gold Mine

Passive LinkedIn Gold Mine is my completely automated system that finds clients on LinkedIn who need their profiles rewritten. In addition, you also get my new LinkedIn Profile Genie, software. This software will write your clients’ profiles for them. The software does all the work. You make all the money!

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5-Minute Sales System

In my own local marketing business, I don’t sell like this at all. I use an entirely different method. (I developed this method 30 years ago in an entirely different business.)

With my method, prospects qualify themselves, my sales presentation takes five minutes or less (yes, you read that right!), my close ratio is sky high, and I do virtually no follow up.

My method is stress-free and painless both for me and for the prospect. Get this great training replay today for pennies on the dollar and finally learn how to sell! 

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Local Business Client Machine

In my new training and software product, Local Business Client Machine, I reveal everything.
Specifically, you’ll learn…

--The exact four products I sell in my own business today
--How to price and sell each of those four products
--The easiest way to fulfill the sale for each of these four products (including information about outsourcing)
--And…how to turn this all into a killer, monthly income based on upselling your clients to recurring income services

In addition, you get my new software, Proposal Genie. Proposal Genie makes communications between you and your client brain-dead easy. It also manages your clients for you.

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Advanced Coaching Replays Vol 2

Are you ready to bust through your barriers and finally create the business, income, and lifestyle of your dreams? Over the years, I’ve made significant money consulting with businesses, doing affiliate marketing, and selling my own products. I’ve taught hundreds upon hundreds of people just like you how to break free and finally create the incomes and lifestyles of their dreams.

I’d love to have the opportunity to help you do this too!

Over the past year, I’ve offered several advanced-training, webinar-based classes on subjects ranging from how to sell, to how to build a business on LinkedIn, to how to dominate YouTube, and more. These classes weren’t just something I pulled out of my hat. In these classes, I gave my students training in exactly what I’m doing right now in my own business to make a killer income and working only part time doing it!

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LinkedIn Consultant Empire

In my new training and software product, LinkedIn Consultant Empire, I reveal everything.
Specifically, you’ll learn…

--Exactly what types of businesses to sell this too
--The new way to use LinkedIn to find only the best, highest paying, hungry buyers for your services
--My new, passive method of getting the right types of businesses to reach out to me
--What changes LinkedIn has made lately and why we had to develop a brand new marketing strategy. (Due to changes in -LinkedIn, our old one quit working as well!)
--And…of course, our new plugin, LinkedIn Content Machine … It will make you look like an expert, even if you just got started yesterday!

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One New Client Every Week!

One new client every week. 50 clients per year. Anywhere from 25% to 33% of those will turn into high ticket, recurring income clients paying you anywhere from $500 to $2000 per month like clockwork, each and every month. This type of income is completely possible for anyone who’s willing to put in a little sustained work and apply proven business principals to the task of building a real business. In One New Client Every Week, I break down exactly what you need to be doing to create this life changing type of income! Get One New Client Every Week, today!

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Tube Subscribr

Tube Subscribr is a set-and-forget WordPress plugin that you put on the sidebar of any blog. It only takes two minutes to install and activate. Tube Subscribr gets you more video views and also increases your channel subscribers without you ever having to do a thing! It's completely passive!

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Tube Postr

Tube Postr is an automated traffic, SEO, and content machine! It’s set-and-forget. Unlike its competitors, Tube Postr not only pulls video content from any YouTube channel (or channels) you hook it up to, it also pulls in the title, description, and tags into your WordPress blog and posts that whole thing, neatly formatted, anywhere you want it posted. Because Tube Postr creates posts with video content AND text, search engines are going to love the results and reward you with more and more traffic.

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Offline Email Empire NLP

My new software and training, Offline Email Empire: NLP Versiongives you everything you need to set up a recurring income business selling email marketing services to local businesses. You get my completely new software that writes emails for you using advanced NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) techniques. You get my never before released, advanced training on funnel and email campaign construction. And, you get complete, newbie friendly training on how to find the right clients and land them!

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LinkedIn Resume Empire

LinkedIn Resume Empire is our new software + training product that gives you everything you need to start making money selling resumes and LinkedIn profile makeovers. This is a proven system that's super easy to do! And, you get everything you need when your purchase our training and software. The training shows you exactly how to get clients, how to communicate with them, what to charge...everything! The software does all the heavy lifting for you. Scroll down to see a video walk through of the software in action.

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Attorney Marketing Powerhouse

Attorney Marketing Powerhouse is our new training + software package that gives you everything you need to quickly build a real business selling professional grade press releases to attorneys, followed by upgrading your clients to a monthly Google My Business ranking service.

You get complete training on how to do this, plus two incredible pieces of software, Direct Mail Client Getter, and Press Release Genie: Attorney Edition.

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