Lee Cole here!

As a bonus end of the year product for my list, I decided to offer them a four webinar group coaching event for a steal of a price.

Here's the deal on this.

Lots of folks buy offline products and wish they could make offline marketing work for them.

Very few actually do.

I'm always trying to figure out how to help people break free and actually make offline work for them. So, I created this new webinar series called One New Client Every Week, 2019.

I offered this as a private launch through WarriorPlus, but a few of my top affiliates, who are also on my list, asked if they could mail for it.

So, I've now made this a public launch.

Here's the stats on this.

One product, the webinars, currently selling for $47. (Told you it was a steal!)

Affiliate commission 50%.

If you're interested in mailing for this before it closes (timer at the top of this jv page), here's the affiliate sign up link:


I'll have some swipe for you below.

Note: the webinar are January 8th, 10th, 15th, and 17th at 3pm Eastern time. They will be recorded and put into a members area for viewing. In addition to the webinars, there will be hand outs, hot seats, and homework.

Let me know how I can help you!

Skype: lee.cole26

Facebook: facebook.com/leecoleonline

Sales letter HERE.


{Offline} Very Limited Time--Must See Webinar Replay!



Wow! I just got through looking at this amazing FREE webinar that Lee Cole just did.

Wow, Wow, and Wow!

Lee's on a mission to help everyone he can break free of the dreaded 9 - 5 and learn how to really build a business selling offline services to local businesses.

Newsflash: If you're trying to do this and you're frustrated, it isn't you! Lee say's it's your business model, and (best of all) he gives you the exact business plan you need for amazing success for FREE!

All you have to do is watch this content-filled webinar replay.

Oh, one more thing. There's a PDF, which you get for free on that page. Look below the video and download it right now!

Lee's the real deal! He's been doing this stuff with amazing success since 2010. He's taught hundreds of people how to make real money with offline marketing.

Please note: This webinar replay is only up for a very short time. There's a counter on the page. That's how long you have to watch this puppy and change your life!

{Sign off}