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Hi Lee,

I just want to say WOW??! YOUR PROGRAM IS THE REAL DEAL !!! I have completed only ¼ of the “One Client Per Week Program” and I already have a client. Thanks Lee.

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After taking Lee Cole’s course, “One Client Per Week”, I completed all the webinars and built a website for PR services in just a few days. Lee reveals the “secret” I wish I already know on how to structure your agency for a recurring monthly income while working part-time. Best of all, I got my first client in one week! I highly recommend Lee Cole’s course!

Liza L.


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Hi! I’m Lee Cole. In 2010, I quit my job as a mathematics teacher and started an offline business. I had my first client within 24 hours. I landed my first long-term recurring income client within a month. (We’re talking over $2k per month, each and every month.) Since 2011, I’ve trained hundreds of people to successfully change their lives by learning how to start real offline businesses that actually work.

In this short sales letter, I want to talk to you about how you can finally start and grow the offline business you've always dreamed of!

Today You Can Get the Replays of This Amazing Course For a Fraction of Its Original Cost!

One new client every week. 50 clients per year. Anywhere from 25% to 33% of those will turn into high ticket, recurring income clients paying you anywhere from $500 to $2000 per month like clockwork, each and every month. This type of income is completely possible for anyone who’s willing to put in a little sustained work and apply proven business principals to the task of building a real business.

Over the years, I’ve found that people tend to mistake info products with all their systems and methods for sound business building principals. People buy, say, a “method” for selling a certain type of product to a certain type of business. With good intentions, they read the PDF’s, watch the videos, and start to apply the method, only to fail.

Why is this?

It’s because real businesses are not built just by applying one narrowly focused method or system. They're built through the application of sound business building principals.

In order to build a real business, you have to have the following elements in place...

  • The right product funnel
  • A prospecting system that actually works and is time effective
  • The right sales funnel, along with a low-stress sales presentation that actually works
  • A fulfillment plan that will take less than 5-10% of your total working time
  • An automated follow up system, which targets the right prospects

Miss any one of these, and you might as well not start! Your business will be forever doomed to failure. Get all five of these right, and it’s like writing yourself a check drawn on a bank account with unlimited supply!

Let me invite you to purchase the replays of a webinar series I launched earlier this year. This is a four-webinar series, on these webinars, you’re going to learn exactly what to do and how to do it to build a real business. This isn’t yet another shiny object to waste your money on. This is proven, sound business building skills that when actually applied will lead you to the sort of success you’ve only dreamed of!

Called One Client Every Week 2019, the replays of my new webinar-based, group coaching series will finally give you the skills and structure you need to get your business up and running, or if it’s already up and running, to build it to six-figures and beyond!  

Right now, I’m selling One Client Every Week 2019 for an introductory price that anyone can afford! I normally sell the replays to my group coaching series for $197. Today’s not going to cost you nearly as much!

Today you can get all of this for only…

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Questions You Might Have...


Of course! 7 day, no questions asked. Just like all our products!

What Type of Product Are You Talking About Selling?

Honestly, if you’re asking this question, you’ve already missed the point! In my own business, I’ve sold everything from websites to SEO to press releases to reputation management to video marketing and more! THE PROCESS IS THE SAME! You’re not failing (or failing to thrive) because you’re selling the wrong product. You’re failing (or failing to thrive) because you don’t have the right business building skills. Take a look at the list above. If you get that stuff right, you can sell ice to Eskimos!

Is This Newbie Friendly?

Absolutely! As a matter of fact, you’re in luck. If you take this training, you’ll spare yourself the frustration that so many experience, sometimes for years!

Is This Suitable for Advanced Marketers?

If you’re making more than about $150k per year, you don’t need this. If you’re making less than that, you really do need this! If you have zero customers and clients, this is for you! If you’re making some money, but can’t grow your business beyond a certain anemic level, this is definitely for you!

Any Other Questions?

If you have any other questions, here’s the link to support. Feel free to ask me whatever you need to in order to make a good decision for yourself. I don’t really need your money. I’m doing pretty well in that department. What I’m after is the opportunity to help you change your life!

Buy One New Client Every Week 2019 today and get ready to build a business that will give you the money you want and desire and the freedom to enjoy it today for only...

To Your Best Success!

Lee Cole