My Proven System Automatically Turns Leads Into High-Paying Clients! (All I do is watch my bank account grow!)

"Wow! This is the simplest automated sales system I've ever seen. I was up and running and ready to make sales in less than an hour following Lee's amazing training!"

From the desk of 15-year veteran internet marketer, Lee Cole!

Clients On Demand is the second mini-course in my $12 mini-course series. The first course, Prospecting Eliminator, taught buyers how to set up Facebook's AI-powered lead gen ads to generate buyer leads for just $3 a day.

In Clients on Demand, you learn how to automatically move these new Facebook leads to a free MailerLite account and use pre-written emails to turn them into paying customers for your local marketing services.

Together, Prospecting Eliminator and Clients on Demand create a complete, automated, AI-powered lead gen system that finds and nurtures leads into paying customers.

(If you haven't purchased Prospecting Eliminator yet, click HERE!)

Before showing you exactly what you get when you purchase Clients on Demand, let me prove to you that my system works. 

These Are Actual Screenshots of Sales I've Made Using My Clients on Demand System. (These Sales Came From The Same Account You See In The Training!)

Using this account (the same one I show you in the training), I sell a lower-priced introductory product (either $97 or $47) to my new clients...all on autopilot. 

In Clients on Demand, I show you exactly how I use automation and email to do the selling for me!

Just So You Know, Besides These Sales, I Know How to Make Money With Digital Marketing!

You may or may not know me, but I flat out know how to make money with internet marketing, including local business marketing. 

I’ve been doing this professionally and full-time since 2010. 

Here’s a recent screenshot of money I’ve made.

And I know how to train people just like you to make real money with local business marketing!

"Wow! This is the simplest automated sales system I've ever seen. I was up and running and ready to make sales in less than an hour following Lee's amazing training!"

Let Me Tell You More About My New Mini-Course!

Introducing Clients on Demand!

My new $12 mini-course, Clients on Demand, teaches you how to use my pre-written emails and a free MailerLite account to sell local marketing services to businesses. This is a hands-off, automated, DFY, email marketing system.

The leads you sell to are generated using my Prospecting Eliminator system, which is also a $12 course. If you didn't already buy that, click HERE and you can get it, today, still at the original discounted price. 

With Clients on Demand, you'll have everything you need to automate the sales of your local marketing services/products to your new local business leads. 

My friend, this is as easy, automated, and DFY as it gets!

You Get Everything You Need to Build Your Automated Sales Machine...Including...

Written Report and Videos: A detailed written guide and access to instructional videos for each step of the process.
Instructions for Setting Up FREE MailerLite: Step-by-step instructions for setting up and verifying a free MailerLite account, including an in-depth video walkthrough of the MailerLite dashboard.
Instructions for Creating MailerLite Automations: Instructions and a video tutorial on creating automations in MailerLite.
4-Week Email Sequence: A complete 4-week email sequence template to send to your leads, including instructions on customizing and loading these emails into MailerLite.
Monthly Follow-Up Emails: Guidelines for creating monthly follow-up emails to maintain engagement and prompts for using ChatGPT to write industry-specific updates, success stories, valuable tool recommendations, and client testimonials.
Niche-Specific Email Prompts: ChatGPT prompts to generate niche-specific emails for different types of businesses (e.g., insurance brokers, real estate agents).
Instructions for Connecting Facebook to MailerLite using Zapier: A video tutorial on using Zapier to transfer leads from Facebook to MailerLite.
Support for Automation and Outsourcing: Tips on using Fiverr for tasks like DMARC setup and Zapier integration. And examples of using ChatGPT to create custom marketing emails for your business or clients.

"So, Here's The Big Question...Are You Ready Spend Less Than An Hour And Build An Automated Business Like Mine?

If Yes...Then Scroll Down and Click the Buy Button.

If No, Then Please Check In To the Nearest Hospital and Ask Them If You're Still Breathing! 

No BUMPS, No Upsells!

You get everything when you purchase Clients on Demand today!

7-day, no questions asked guarantee!


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