My Deals Are 99% Closed By My Amazing System BEFORE I Even Get Involved!

"I was literally shocked at how simple this system is. It's set and forget! Lee's training has changed my business forever!

From the desk of 15-year veteran internet marketer, Lee Cole!

Are you ready to transform your business and eliminate client-getting problems forever? 

Imagine having a steady stream of high-quality leads at your fingertips, without the headache of traditional prospecting methods. 

My new mini-course, Prospecting Eliminator, shows you how to easily and quickly build a list of potential buyers for your marketing business. 

Doesn’t matter what you sell, either.

I’ve used this system for years now, and with recent advancements in AI, this is easier than you ever dreamed possible. 

Imagine having a steady stream of potential buyers at your fingertips, begging you to help them market their businesses! 

You can, with my new training and proven marketing materials.

Here’s What I Do!

I use cheap Facebook ads (no more than $3/day) and get anywhere from ten to twelve leads per day. 

I mail these leads my proven marketing report, which shows them how digital marketing can reduce their ad spend by 50% or more. 

Prospects are so blown away by the how much money they can save using online marketing over traditional marketing, they contact me and ask me to help them. 

I would love to make this harder, but it’s not. 

It’s brain dead simple.

I Know How to Make Money with Digital Marketing

You may or may not know me, but I flat out know how to make money with internet marketing, including local business marketing. 

I’ve been doing this professionally and full-time since 2010. 

Here’s a recent screenshot of money I’ve made.

And I know how to train people just like you to make real money with local business marketing!

"I was literally shocked at how simple this system is. It's set and forget! Lee's training has changed my business forever!

I Want to Help You Build the Business of Your Dreams!

I was taking with some marketing friends last week...people you would know. 

I asked them what the market needs, what will help people (just like you) the most!

Know what they said?

Inexpensive products that show people how to really make money!

So, this weekend, I put my head down and created my first ever mini-course. 

It's called Prospecting Eliminator, because that's what it does. It eliminates all need to prospect. 

Done my way, business comes to you, quickly and easily!

Introducing My First Mini-Course, Prospecting Eliminator!

Prospecting Eliminator teaches you my super easy to use method for finding clients on Facebook. 

AI does most of the work. 

This is a cheap, ads-based system, and only requires about $3/day for less than two weeks to get started. (That's about $40, in case you're like me and you can't do math in your head.)

You Get Everything You Need to Get Real Business Faster and Easier Than You Ever Thought Possible, Including...

Complete Report: My report shows you everything you need to do to build a massive business fast right on Facebook
DFY Ad Graphics: I give you my proven ad graphics to use in your own ads
DFY Lead Magnet: You get my proven lead magnet, exactly the same thing I use in my own business
In-Depth Training Videos: I show you step-by-step exactly what to do and how to do it. No guessing required! 

Why Do I Call This a Mini-Course?

Prospecting Eliminator shows you how to do one big, important thing that will transform your business. 

You learn how to use Facebook's new lead gen, AI-powered ads to build a list of prospects who already want to do business with you. 

I give you everything you need. 

This mini-course is laser-focused. 

You'll learn one, super-powerful marketing skill, and you'll learn it well. 

This is a skill that will change your entire business...if you let it!

Want Proof?

Today, for about as much money as a Diet Coke with ice at McDonald's, my system found and started marketing to 9 more potential clients. 

This is a set and forget method that DOES ALL YOUR PROSPECTING for you!

This set and forget method pre-sells my prospects for me!

All I have to do is reply to emails and occassionally speak with someone on Skype or the phone! 

The deal is 99% closed by the time I get involved!

I don't even get involved until one of these prospects reaches out to me and asks me for help. 

My cheap, Facebook-based system finds these businesses and markets to them...without me lifting a finger. 

And, in my new training, Prospecting Eliminator, I'm going to show you how to set this all up so you can finally build that business you've been dreaming about! 


I can hear it Shakespeare said, wisdom crieth out in the street, yet no man heareth!

But Lee!!!

Are you thinking the following?

I don’t have $3/day to invest in building my business
Facebook ads are scary
I don’t want to do any kind of paid advertising. I’m scared I’ll lose money.
I don’t believe I can get clients from Facebook

Well, Let Me Just Say This...

You don’t have $3/day to invest in building your business? Without being hurtful, let me suggest you get a job at McDonalds. Save half your income and then work on building a real business. 

Until affiliate marketing and other types of online marketing, local business marketing takes some investment on your part. Not much. $100 per month should do it!


Facebook ads are scary? I used to think so, too. But nowadays, Facebook’s AI is so powerful anyone can run successful ads. 

You no longer have to do detailed targeting.

You don’t have to write completing ad copy. Facebook will do it for you. 

And to get you started I give you everything you need to run your first ads.


You don’t want to run ads because you’ll lose money? The way I show you how to do this in the training, all you need is about $20 to get going. 

For only $5/day, I get anywhere from 10 to 15 interested prospects per day on my mailing list. 

Sure, you can lose money, if you never sell anything to anyone, but your chances of doing so will be massively decreased with a big mailing list of potential buyers!

And Especially...

You don’t believe you can get clients on Facebook? In less than a month, I collected over 500 emails of interested prospects using the system I’m talking about on this sales letter.

Seriously, man!...I got more business than I can get to using this super-easy, super-inexpensive method!

"So, Here's The Big Question...Are You Ready To Build A List of Buyers For Your Local Marketing Business?

If Yes...Then Scroll Down and Click the Buy Button.

If No, Then Please Check In To the Nearest Hospital and Ask Them If You're Still Breathing! 

No Upsells!

You get everything when you purchase Prospecting Eliminator today!

7-day, no questions asked guarantee!

Edit: I just added some new content to this training that makes this massively more valuable. It was valuable before. Now, it's super valuable!

You'll see what I mean on the inside!


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