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Social Home Services Plumbers Edition

Social Home Services Plumbers Edition gives you everything you need to implement a truly set-and-forget passive income system. You know, most passive systems aren’t really passive at all, especially when it comes to offline marketing. They take maintenance. What Jeanne is doing takes ZERO maintenance. In six months, you can have a real, full time income coming in on autopilot, month after month after month…for years! If you want to build this up further, within a year you can have a six figure income! Imagine making that much money month in month out with no maintenance, no customer service, and few if any drop outs! I normally don’t tell other people what to do, but I’m going to tell you today! Get this! It will be well worth it! Jump on this today!

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LinkedIn Resume Empire

Offliners & Social Media Consultants–Make an Easy $2000 to $4000 Per Week with My Software Based, Business-In-A-Box System. Get Up and Running as Soon as This Weekend. Land Your First Client by Next Week. Software Does All the Heavy Lifting. Very Newbie Friendly!

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Contractor Takeover

Contractor Takeover is a video/pdf course plus software that gives you everything you need to sell a lead generation service to local contractors, such as roofers, painters, plumbers, electricians, and more! I can’t emphasize enough how complete this course and software is! It’s essentially a business in a box! You get everything you need, training, software, everything! Everything’s covered. All the way from getting clients to how to service them to how much to get paid to reporting. The whole thing is here! Just look at the videos, follow along with the pdf, install the easy to install software and voila! You’ll be making real money in no time with this, if you follow along with what Neil and Robert tell you!

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Legal Prospector

I’ve known the creator of this product and software, Anthony Devine, since 2012. When it comes to offline marketing, especially high end selling to clients like attorneys, Anthony is one of the best! He’s created a number of excellent training and software products too that show you exactly how anyone can get big ticket clients for easy to fulfill work! If you’re looking for a great offline business to start, or you just want to expand your current business into a new market area, Legal Prospector is a perfect!

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Craigs Power Playbook

Craigs Power Playbook is all about how to use the new Craigslist to create both clients for your offline business and also to create leads for those clients. Mike makes a cool $400 to $800 per month per client for this very easy to fulfill service. In his new training, he shows you exactly what to do and how to do it! If you’re in local business marketing, or you want to start doing local business marketing, this is a MUST HAVE training! 

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Gamefied Leads Interview Review and Bonuses

You’ll want to watch this interview that I did with Mark Helton about his new training, Gamefied Leads, in full! Mark’s found an easy way to turn $2 into $10 over and over again, without you having to do much work at all! Mark’s been a veteran of offline marketing for years now. I’ve known his since 2011. He runs his own multi-employee agency in Las Vegas. He knows what he’s talking about, and he’s more than willing to share what’s working with you today! 
Get Gamefied Leads to day and start making money with it by as soon as this weekend! 

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Local Fee Finder


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Real Estate Video Profits

Real Estate Video Profits contains everything you need to start selling high quality property showcase videos to real estate agents (estate agents in the UK). I was really impressed by the quality of the product. Also, this is a recurring income type of deal. Once you do one of these for real estate agents, they’re going to want more! You can crank out one of these videos in less than fifteen minutes using Niranjan’s templates. And, you can sell a single video for a few hundred dollars. Or, how about setting your client up for a monthly retainer? Ten videos per month for $700 or so. Well worth the money! 
Get this today and start making money with it by as soon as this weekend!

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10K Local Social System

Kerry Knoll’s new training for offline marketing really rocks! I’ve been selling offline services to local businesses for years now. And, I’ve been training people just like you to do the same. One thing that I really preach is the importance of selling simple, easy to understand services to your clients. You’ll make more sale and fulfillment will be massively easier. Kerry’s training is right in this same vein! A service that’s simple to sell, profitable, and totally easy to fulfill!

Get this today and start building a real business the right way!

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Bot Badassery

August 7th, 11am Eastern Time Click to Play!   Shawn and Robert’s new product, Bot Badassery is easily the most significant thing to happen in the IM space all year! If you haven’t already, listen to this exciting interview I did with Shawn. He’s cracked the code when it comes to Facebook Messenger bots, and…

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