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  Today, You Can Get 97% Off of My Massive Collection of Replays of My Most Recent Coaching Classes, Covering Everything from How to Choose the Right Business Model to Sales Skills (for people who hate selling) to Advanced Marketing Techniques That Will Take Your Business to Six-Figures...FAST!

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Hi! I’m Lee Cole!

For over ten years, I’ve been teaching people just like you how to build real businesses with both local business marketing and affiliate marketing. I know what works and what doesn’t work. I’ve helped thousands of people just like you break free and start building the businesses of their dreams. I’ve personally coached and mentored hundreds of people, many of which have gone on to become super successful. 

And, I can help you!

Today, I’d like to offer you easily the most amazing deal you’ve ever run across. This isn’t just another shinny object. What we’re talking about, here, is access to over 80 hours of high-level, battle-tested marketing training for less than you’d pay for a couple of meals at McDonalds! 

Introducing My Massive, Thanksgiving Weekend Coaching Class Replay Sale...You Get Over 80 Hours of Business-Focused Content For an Amazing 97% of the Normal Retail Price!

In this 80 hour plus training collection, you’ll learn the following…

Basic and advanced sales techniques, which you can use in any business, including newbie and advanced phone selling techniques that will remove any fear you have of selling on Zoom or the phone

How to build a super-profitable local marketing business in 30 days or less

How to sell my favorite, mega-profitable products, websites, Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) marketing, email marketing management for local businesses, and high-ticket press releases

Beginner to advanced LinkedIn marketing techniques that actually work, including both passive and active techniques that anyone at any level can learn and profit from

Beginner to advanced email marketing techniques including how to build lists, how to nurture lists, and how to turn those lists into money machines

The psychology of selling, onboarding, and upselling for maximum profit and minimum work

Business models for local marketing businesses that actually work

How to build an entire business based on automated, recurring income products, and the importance of doing so

Beginner to advanced techniques of video marketing, including how to make money with small YouTube channels, and how to turn YouTube into an affiliate marketing powerhouse

And, much more!

This training bundle consists of replays of 16 coaching classes that I’ve done over the past three years. You’re getting the complete replays of exactly what my original students got. Over 80 hours of amazing marketing training that will take you to the next level and beyond! 

If you’re already a customer of mine, I’ll list the products these coaching classes were taken from, below. For the price I’m asking for this, today, even if you have a few of these, you’d be crazy not to buy the whole bundle!

If you were to purchase each of these sixteen coaching training replays separately, it would cost you over $1500! Today, you can get this whole thing for only…

Of Course, Everything Is Fully Guaranteed!

This all comes with my full, money back guarantee. Get this package today, and take it for a “test drive.” If you don’t like what you’ve bought, just let me know within 7 days of the date of purchase, and I’ll cheerfully refund 100% of your money…no questions asked!

Please note: this is a Thanksgiving weekend sale. On the Monday after Thanksgiving holiday, this goes off the market!

Please Note: all of the coaching trainings are generic. You DO NOT need the previous products in the original funnels. My coaching trainings always focus on skills, and not on particular methods. In other words, just because a coaching training might have originally been in a funnel about a particular LinkedIn marketing method doesn’t mean that the training is about that method. What keeps people from having success isn’t the wrong method. It’s lack of skills! (I hope I’m making myself clear here. If you have any questions, please send me a support ticket, HERE!)

Let’s Recap...

What I’m offering you today could easily be the most important purchase you’ll ever make as you learn to be a six-figure internet and local business marketer! You get over 80 hours of my highest-level content taken from 16 of my recent courses. You’ll learn everything you need to know all the way from the right business models to use in your business to how to build an autopilot business selling recurring income products. Nothing is skipped. Inside this amazing package is training on the skills that you might be missing. (And, if you are missing them, this is holding you back big time!)

  Why wait any longer for massive success?

Get this amazing package today for a whopping 97% discount over what you’d pay of you bought all of these trainings individually. 

Be aware that this is a Thanksgiving weekend sale. After the weekend, this goes away at least for a year, maybe longer!

  Sounds Great, Lee! But I Think I Might Already Have Some of This!

  I don’t want you to purchase anything twice. (If you did, of course, I’d happily refund you.) Just so you can make an informed decision, here’s where these sixteen coaching training replays came from…

Passive LinkedIn Gold Mine
Local Business Client Machine
5-Minute Sales System
30 Days to FREEDOM
LinkedIn Resume Empire
LinkedIn Autopilot Income
Press Release Empire
LinkedIn Consultant Empire
Attorney Marketing Powerhouse
Phone Selling
One New Client Every Week
Tube Postr
Tube Subscribr
Clients Now

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