Launches Saturday, December 12th 11 AM Eastern--Ends Tuesday, December 15th, Midnight

Join Me For My New Launch...Retail Riches!

This is brand new and no one else is teaching this. (Heck, they don't even know about it!) Your customers are going to love you for turning them onto this. Retail Riches has everything your customer needs to hit the ground running making crazy amounts of money from local retail businesses.

Your subscribers are going to love you for turning them on to this!

  • You make up to $100+ commission per sale throughout the entire funnel
  • Your subscriber makes $500 - $1000 per easy sale on an in demand service
  • No real "selling" required
  • Perfect for newbie marketers and experienced alike!

Introducing... Retail Riches!

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The Product

Retail Riches is my new training that shows you exactly how I help retail businesses leverage their customer data that they already have. The training is new and complete. Your list is going to love you for turning them on to this. Training is in video format.

The Funnel

The Contest

The contest begins when the product launches, and runs for a period of three days until midnight eastern time that day. Please see the dates above! 

  • First Place: $300
  • Second Place: $100
  • Third Place: $50
  • Fourth Place: $25
  • Fifth Place: $25

Winners will be announced on the following day using WarriorPlus's affiliate contest stats. Net revenue per affiliate must at least match the affiliate's prize amount, otherwise, affiliate will be paid at the next level down.

What Makes Retail Riches So Special?

Three super reasons to promote Retail Riches to your list!

  • You subscribers get expert training on a completely new way of helping local businesses leverage their customer data
  • My products routinely have high EPC's and great customer satisfaction!
  • My Otos routinely have very high conversion rates, and this one will be no exception!


The Biggest Opportunity of the Year!

There’s a massive opportunity right under your nose and I bet you don’t even know it’s there!
I just spoke with Lee Cole and his and Steve Rosenbaum’s new training, Retail Riches. When Lee told me about the opportunity, I was floored!
I’m sure you’ve been to a retail store (even before COVID) and when you checked out, instead of a cash register, you probably saw a set up with an iPad (or tablet), keyboard, money drawer, and a card swipe. That whole thing is called Point of Sale system. They’re massively less expensive then old fashioned cash registers and—this is the good part—they make it very easy for businesses to run loyalty programs.
Here’s the catch thought. Although businesses can now collect a massive amount of data about their customers, buying habits, emails, phone numbers, etc., most retailers have no clue as to what to do with that data!
Here’s where Lee and Steve’s new training comes in.
If you know how, you can easily help a retail business mine their data and make massive more profit just by doing what Lee and Steve call a “Win-Back” campaign. Basically, this is a campaign the businesses run by email to get past customers buying from them again.
Do you see how powerful this is?
Do you see how important this is, given what we’ve just been through with COVID?
I would tell you more, but I’m really excited for you to read the sales letter on this for yourself.
Click one of the buttons in this email and you’ll be taken directly to the sales letter. Read that, then buy!
Lee and Steve’s training is world-class. Get this today!

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