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Monday July 9th 11am -- Wednesday July 11th midnight!

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Steve Rosenbaum's new training, LinkedIn Dominance, is hands down the best LinkedIn training I've ever seen--PERIOD! There's two things going on here. With LinkedIn Dominance, you get over six hours of over-the-shoulder video of Steve actually finding and landing clients using nothing but LinkedIn. He only works about 15 minutes a day doing this, too! Steve explains every step of how he works his magic so you can follow along and repeat his results for yourself. Doesn't matter what you sell, either! Implement Steve's amazing 15 minute per day system, and you'll soon have more clients that you'll know what to do with. Honestly, this is freaking amazing! 


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Let either me or Steve know in support, and we'll send you your bonuses! (Make sure you include your receipt in your ticket, please.)