Welcome to Prosperity Lifestyle!

“In just a few hours I was up and running and ready to make sales. Best part is I never have to do any of the fulfillment work myself. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for all these years!”

You can have a full-blown marketing agency up and running within as little as 48 hours, ready to sell in-demand services to local businesses. Best part is, you never do any of the work yourself. We show you everything you need to know—what to sell, how to sell it, easy ways to get business, how to price…everything. This is the ultimate lifestyle business!

Step into a full-time, job-killing local marketing business without all the hassle! Watch this short video to learn more!

Zero Skills Required! Zero Out of Pocket! Perfect for Newbies!

From the desk of Lee Cole

My good friend and colleague, Gloria Gunn, has run her own local marketing business for over ten years. Today, she spends only a few hours a week running this business. She’s perfected the art of getting clients through email marketing. And she gets trusted vendors on Fiverr to do all the fulfillment work. 

All Gloria really does is manage the sales, which is easy because she works with competent Fiverr sellers who know what they’re doing.

Gloria sells her clients a range of in-demand services--SEO, websites, content, graphics, printable graphics and brochures, and more. Most of her clients become repeat customers. Many sign up for monthly services like social media marketing.

This is a dream business to run, and today, you’re in luck. Today you can learn how to create and run a business just like Gloria’s yourself. 

Read the rest of this sales letter and get prepared to get your own business up and running, FAST!

Welcome to Prosperity Lifestyle!

How would you like to have a real marketing agency up and running in as little as 24 hours, selling in-demand services to local businesses? 

This is a business that can be run in minutes per day. You can do this from anywhere. Best of all, you don’t need any skills or prior experience to get started.

This is exactly the same type of business that Gloria and I have both run for over ten years now.

We use proven, easy-to-implement methods for getting clients. And, we never do any of the fulfillment work ourselves. 

Let me explain how this all works in more detail.

You Can Make Big Bucks Selling Services to Local Businesses--And Never Have to Do Any Work Yourself!

This business model is called drop servicing or Fiverr arbitrage. It's a very simple business model. You get a client and you let someone on Fiverr do all the work for you. 

Getting clients is easy if you do it Gloria's way. (Email.)

Because vendors on Fiverr do all the work, you service more clients and make more money.

Check this out! People are already making big bucks selling easy-to-fulfill services to local businesses and having vendors on Fiverr do all the work.

How Much Can You Make? Check Out These Real Examples From Gloria's Own Business!

500-Word Blog Post: Make $35 to $80 per post!

Using our methods, you can easily sell a 500-word blog post to a business for anywhere from $55 to $100. 

Your cost? $20 average. 

You make a cool $35 to $80 per post!

Social Media Posting for a Month: Make $295 to $450 per month per client!

Businesses love social media posting. It’s easy to sell, and it provides a huge benefit to the client. You can sell a month of social media posting to a business for an easy $395 to $550 per month. 

Your cost? $100 average. 

You make a cool $295 to $450 per month per client...recurring!

Simple SEO Image Optimzing: Make $30 to $45 per website!

Optimizing images is one of the cheapest ways to get a client’s website to rank higher. It’s also an easy sale! You can sell this service for an easy $50 to $65.   

Your cost? $20 average. 

You make an easy $30 to $45 per client per website!

2-Minute Spokesperson Explainer/Sales Video: Make $420 to $1350 per video!

Spokesperson videos sell themselves. 

You can charge anywhere from $500 to $1600 per video. 

Your cost? $165 average. 

You make a cool $420 to $1350 per video!

5-Page Basic WordPress Website: Make $275 to $725 per website!

New businesses are being created all the time, and they all need websites!

 You can easily charge anywhere from $500 to $950 per website. 

Your cost? $225 average per website. 

You make a cool $275 to $725 per website!

Are You Excited Yet? (If Not, You Need to Rush to the Hospital and Make Sure You Have a Pulse!)

Let Me Show You Just a Few of Gloria’s Past Sales Using This Same Method

You’ll notice that Gloria’s prices are quite a bit bigger than I quoted you above. That’s because she has an established business. I quoted you the kinds of prices you should start with!

Our Prosperity Lifestyle Business Is The Perfect, Newbie-Friendly Business For You To Start!

You can do this from anywhere in the world
NO previous skills or experience required
NO icky selling or cold calling
Trusted vendors on Fiverr do ALL the work for you!
You just need a few minutes per day to build your business
You can easily upsell clients into recurring income streams

What I’ve Shown You Is Just The Tip Of The Iceberg!

What’s cool is you can bundle services together and make even more money per client! For instance, sell a 5-page website AND do social media AND add in a spokesperson sales video for the website…now you’re talking about you making anywhere from $990 to $2,525 PER SALE!

That's how Gloria gets to all those big numbers you saw, above! 

Now, Are You Excited?

Here’s the only question. Do you want your own profitable Prosperity Lifestyle business like Gloria’s up and running and selling easy-to-sell, in-demand services to local businesses?

(All you do is manage the sale and collect the money!)

If so, you're in luck! 

Are Your Ready to Build Your Own Prosperity Lifestyle Business?

This is the dream, isn’t it? Having a real business up and running. Not only that, but one that takes only minutes per day to run, an hour per day max! 

What would your life be like if you had this?

Imagine What Your Life Would Be Like With a Profitable Prosperity Lifestyle Business Up And Running

You could go on great vacations
You could pay off debt
You'll be able to pay for your kids' college
You could buy that new car you've been eyeing
You could give to your favorite charity
You could even save money and work on that early retirement

You can have all these amazing benefits and more when you get your own Prosperity Lifestyle business up and running. The best part is this takes no previous skills on your part, and you can run this business part-time and make a full-time income!

Are you ready to get going on your own Prosperity Lifestyle business? If so, listen up! 

Introducing Our New Prosperity Lifestyle Training!

Prosperity Lifestyle is our new training that shows you how to easily set up what we call a Prosperity Lifestyle business. (Others call this Drop Servicing or Fiverr Arbitrage.) 

We give you all the training you need to sell the most in-demand services and digital products to clients: SEO, videos, other content, brochures, and other printable graphics, websites, and admin work. 

We show you everything! How to easily land clients, how to find the right Fiverr service providers, how to manage the sale, and how to collect the money.

We even show you how to turn this all into a monthly, recurring income!

Let's Break This All Down Into Steps...there are just three!

Finding Clients: Gloria uses email marketing to easily find clients. In our new training, we’re going to show you step-by-step exactly how she does this. Nothing else is required except watching the training and implementing it. We give you all the templates you need to get up and running FAST!

Finding the Right Service Providers on Fiverr: This is easy! Gloria and I both have been buying services and digital products through Fiverr for years. We’re going to give you our list of preferred service providers. Every type of work you need to get done for your clients is on that list!

Managing the Sale and Getting Paid: In the training, Gloria’s going to show you exactly how she manages all her sales in only minutes per day. She’s even giving you her own, battle-tested tracking sheet. All the guesswork has been taken out of this. Just watch Gloria’s training, and you’ll know exactly how to do this!

Like I Said...Just 3 Easy Steps!

You’re so close to having that business of your dreams up and running and ringing in profits. Get our new training, go through the course, and start implementing today!

Here's Exactly What You Get!

Gloria’s brand new in-depth video course that teaches you the whole amazing system
Our rolodex of vetted Fiverr service providers
How to set up payment cheat sheet
All the sales materials you need, including Gloria's own brochure that she uses with her clients...it does the selling for you! 
All the templates and spreadsheets you need to get a profitable business up and running FAST!
Gloria's own prospecting and sales emails (proven to work)

We Have Left No Stone Unturned!

If you can look at Gloria’s training videos and take a few hours of your time, you can have a real business up and running. You can do this by the end of the day, if you hustle. Certainly by next weekend.

Check Out Our Massive Bonus, worth $197, yours FREE if you buy today!

If you purchase today, Gloria will give you 1,000 leads for you to start your business with. 

These aren’t just any old leads. These are leads that Gloria’s own business was going to contact. We’ve pulled these leads straight out of Gloria’s own funnel. 

They’re all in hot markets, and they’re pre-vetted. 

All you have to do is mail and start making sales. (Easy to do, Gloria’s way!)

And You Get Instant Access to the Replay of our How to Get Clients Masterclass!

Everything you need is here. All you have to do is go through our easy course and then start building the business of your dreams!

Want to 2x, 3x, or Even 10x Your Results? 

And, if you purchase today, we're going to throw in 5,000 more vetted leads. Completely for FREE! These are all businesses who need your help! Email these leads and watch your business build itself!

Let's List Everything You Get!

Gloria’s brand new in-depth video course that teaches you the whole amazing system
Our rolodex of vetted Fiverr service providers
How to set up payment cheat sheet
All the sales materials you need, including Gloria's own brochure that she uses with her clients...it does the selling for you! 
All the templates and spreadsheets you need to get a profitable business up and running FAST!
Gloria's own prospecting and sales emails (proven to work)

Also, you'll get 5,000 more hot leads! This is a $497 value for less than $10! 

On Sale Today for Only...

Still not sure? Check out our FAQ!

What is Prosperity Lifestyle?

Prosperity Lifestyle is our new training that shows you how to easily set up what we call a Prosperity Lifestyle business. (Others call this Drop Servicing or Fiverr Arbitrage.)

What does Gloria sell using her proven system?

Gloria focuses on selling websites, SEO, marketing materials, videos, and more to her clients. These are all in-demand products, and you'll learn exactly how to sell them, easily. 

Why don't businesses just hire this stuff out themselves?

For exactly the same reason that I don't change my own oil and cut my own grass. I'm too busy running a business. 

I'm really new, can I do this?

We created our new Prosperity Lifestyle course with the newbie in mind. Just go through the course and start implementing. No previous skills required. 

Do i need a website? 

You don't have to have one to get started, but we do sell a DFY website as one of the upsells. 

Is this just for the US?

Absolutely not! You can do this worldwide. 

What skills do I need?

You need nothing but a willingness to work! 

Are there any otos?

Just one. OTO 1 : In this oto, we give you everything you need and also teach you how to build an email list of hot prospects. With this in place, you'll never have to prospect again! 

     Gloria and I are super excited about helping you build your dream business, today! Once you purchase, our members’ area will send you a login email. Just follow the simple instructions and log in. If you have any problems at all, we have excellent customer service! Use the support link, which is in the members’ area and also on WarriorPlus receipt. 

This is a sale item. All sales are final!


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