Don’t Want My DFY Lead Nurturing Emails and Live Webinar-Based Automation Training? No Biggie. How About I SLASH THE PRICE and You Get Everything And Just the Recording of the Live Webinar? (You Won’t Be on There Live, But You’ll Get the Recording After We’re Done.)

Automate Your Entire Lead Nurturing Process And Have Decision-Makers Calling You Pre-Sold!

You’re still getting the years’ worth of my DFY lead nurturing emails, the recording of the training, and as a bonus, my best-selling Local Business Client Machine training. What you’re not getting is the option of being on the webinar live.

All for…

Guaranteed 7 days, no questions asked, for a full-refund.

Webinar times and dates are subject to change. (We try not to change them, but life happens.)