Affiliates, Bring Home the GOLD With...PRESS RELEASE EMPIRE!

Your subscribers are going to love you for turning them on to this money making extravaganza!

  • You make up to $57 commission per sale throughout the entire funnel
  • A proven system and cutting edge software that anyone can use to sell and write professional grade press releases
  • One of the easiest, local business services to sell
  • Software turns you into a seasoned, professional copywriter


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The Training

PRESS RELEASE EMPIRE teaches you how to sell a high-ticket press release service to local businesses. Press releases are something that every business owner and manager on the planet understands. No explaining or "selling" necessary. This is one of the easiest offline products out there that you can sell, and done right, you can build a huge business doing this! 

The Software

Comes with our new WordPress plugin, Press Release Genie. Press Release Genie is so powerful that it can turn a non-writer into a copywriting powerhouse! Even rank newbies can power up Press Release Genie, fill in a few fields, and have a professional grade, publishable press release in no time!

Watch Press Release Genie In Action!

The Funnel

What Makes Press Release Empire So Special?

Three super reasons to promote Local Business Client Machine to your list!

  • Buyers will learn exactly how to sell high ticket press releases to local businesses...nothing held back!
  • My products routinely have high EPC's and great customer satisfaction!
  • Your subscribers are going to be blown away by our Press Release Genie software!
  • My Otos routinely have very high conversion rates, and this one will be no exception!


Totally New Offline Strategy!



Unless you're driving a car, you need to stop what you're doing right now and read this whole email!

If you want to build a real income with offline/local business consulting, you'll want to click the next link and check out a new training product + software system that Lee Cole just launched.


It's called Press Release Empire, and it flat out rocks!

Lee runs his own offline agency, and he's been raking in big bucks from local businesses for years now by selling them press releases.

Press releases can have a huge impact on a local business...get them everything from more sales to new partners in the business. Lee even had one client win a very prestigious business award from a press release he had published for them.

You do NOT have to be a writer to help businesses with press releases, either.

This is a very low barrier of entry product to sell!


It gets better too!

Lee's developed some really slick new software called Press Release Genie, which will write a pro-grade press release for you!

Seriously! I tried it out and I cranked out a press release worthy of being published on even the most demanding of platforms in only about 15 minutes.

What this means to you is every time you sell a press release to a business, since your new software will be doing the writing, you'll pocket an extra $200 per sale!

Press releases sell to businesses anywhere for anywhere from $500 to $2000! There's a ton of money to be made selling them.

Also, if you're just getting going and need clients, press releases are one of the best foot-in-the-door products out there, because businesses already understand them!

No explaining! No selling!

All you have to do is follow Lee's simply system for getting clients and start making real money fast!


As you can see, I'm super excited about this. You probably should be too!

Right now, Press Release Empire is on early bird sale.

Get it while the price is right! Just click on one of the links in this email to read the sales letter.

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PS: There are two OTOs. OTO1 is easily the best done for you package of marketing materials I've ever seen. Even includes a PLR book about press release marketing you can publish as your own. OTO2 is Lee's affordable coaching. It really is affordable, and take it from's a game changer!

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