Massive Upgrade!

Get 90 Professionally Made MP4 Videos AND 90  Professionally Made Instagram Stories, Specifically for the Pediatrician Practice Niche! (Including comment sheets for everything!)



    Get 90 Social Media MP4 Videos and 90 DFY Instagram Stories

Here's what Jeanne says about this!... "I wanted to figure out how to double and even triple my income from each client. Then I thought… 'Why not videos?' Videos create more engagement, and their perceived value is several times more than images. Guess what? My plan worked. I now make a multiple of what I used to make from each and every client. And, my clients LOVE the videos! Buy today, and you get 90 mp4 videos and 90 Instagram stories, along with the comment sheets for everything! "

Listen to what BuzzSumo says:

“Video posts get at least 59% more engagement than other post types. Although photos are widely accepted by marketers to be one of the most successful post types, video outperformed photos by 73%.”

I mix them up on my Posting Schedule and it adds SO much interest and my customers love it!

This upgrade consists of a whopping library of 90 short videos, delivered in mp4 format AND another 90 Instagram stories. Video content is more engaging than static images, and that’s not news to anyone. You can also charge a lot more for these little videos as the perceived value of video is higher. 

Pay Attention to This:

When Jeanne adds these videos to an account, she charges MUCH MORE! And her customers pay it happily. They love this upgrade!

  These were NOT cheap to have made! You’re getting a heck of a deal here! As I mentioned before, this insanely low price comes out to just $0.26 each!

Look at the Amazing Quality Of the 90 Videos You're Getting!

The 90 Instagram Videos Are All Sized Vertically to Fit Instagram's Format!

(Note: Jeanne uses silent Instagram stories. These are meant to be attention getters, basically to get people to stop scrolling and click over to the account's profile page.)

  Pick up these 90 professionally made videos and 90 more Instagram stories now at a massively discounted price! NOTE: Jeanne charges her clients double to include animated posts.

  If you’re charging $100/month – bump it up to $200. That adds $1200 annually from just ONE client. Multiply it times 10 clients, and there’s an extra $12000 a year!

Because this is a PLR (Private Label Rights) product, we do not offer a money back guarantee. You see, we can’t take our images and other content back from you after you’ve downloaded it. We’re sure you wouldn’t be someone who would want to steal from us, but unfortunately there are a few people who would. You and I both are the victims of these few people. Having said that, we both stand behind our products. When you get access, you’ll see your purchase in your members’ area. Everything will be there, just as the sales letter says. (If for some reason you don’t get your login from us, don’t panic. Just ticket us HERE, and we’ll take care of you.)

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