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Launching November 30th, 2017 9am Eastern

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Local Directories are one of the best ways there are to create passive income online. Having a local directory establishes you as an expert in a given market niche for a given locale. Businesses treat you differently when you respresent yourself as the owner/manager of a local business directory. You become the gatekeeper of a resource they potentially want access to.

With Dave Cisnero's new software, Local Directory Script Pro, you get everything you need to start building one or more profit spewing local business directories. Imagine, having business owners...potential clients...seeking you out merely because they found your local business directory online! Not only that, but each business directory you create can become yet another source of monthly, passive income for you.

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Crush Local Business Directories

Want an unfair advantage over the competition? Want to learn how to use local business directories to dominate any niche in any city? (Works worldwide!) How about creating a lifetime of passive income...real "beach money" income? In my new report, Crush Local Businesses, I show you my own secret method for domination and control of any niche in any city! Get this today and start creating your empire by this weekend! Completely FREE when you purchase Dave's amazing software! 


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The Branding Formula

Experts make the lion's share of the money in any niche! The problem is...how can you become an expert? Most people really don't think they ever could be experts. With The Branding Formula, you're going to learn how anyone starting at any level can become a recognized expert in any niche!

Expert Interviews for Expert Traffic

There's no better way to be seen as an expert than interviewing other recognized experts. Their expertise rubs off on you, and you glow in their reflected light! Get this bonus today for FREE and learn how to interview recognized experts and use those interviews to establish yourself as a world class expert in any niche!

Mastery For Internet Marketers

One of the biggest secrets of my own business is my strategic use of PLR materials. Websites, reports, video courses, and much more! You can't make everything you need! You don't have time to, and quite frankly you should be working on your business, as opposed to working in your business. With PLR Mastery For Internet Marketers, you'll learn how pros like me use PLR effectively in their daily businesses, often multiplying their incomes by 2 to 3 times as a result!

Advanced Affirmation And Attraction

Your reality is just a reflection of what's in your head. You can alter your reality by altering what you think, and affirmations are the best way to do this...So, why haven't they worked for you in the past? In this report, you're going to learn insider secrets that will unleash your potential and cause massive positive change in your world! Ready to go big? Get this today! It's like pouring jet fuel on a campfire!

The Clockwork Course

You and Elon Musk have the same 24 hours in each day. So, why is he so much more productive (and rich) than you are? A big part of the secret is in how super producers manage their resources, especially their time! In The Clockwork Course, you'll learn the time management secrets of the billionaires. Use these strategies to do more with less, and have more leisure time to boot!

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