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Hi! I'm Lee Cole.

In 2010, I kissed my last job good bye and launched a very successful business as an offline consultant. A year later, I started teaching others how to do the same. I’ve helped thousands of people learn to make real money online, even if they have virtually no sales or technical skills.

Today, I’d like to show you how my new training and software can turn anyone into a highly-paid, six-figure earner faster and easier than you ever thought possible, even if you barely have the skills to check your email and couldn’t sell you way out of a wet paper bag!

Lee Cole is without question my top recommendation for practical training on the easiest ethical ways to make a really good living online. 

Matthew Newnham




If you’re like I was back in 2010 when I started my digital marketing business, you’re looking for a way to make more money AND have the time to enjoy your life.

Although it took me several years of hard work, some failure and lots of experimentation, today I make more money than I ever dreamed possible AND work less than about ten to fifteen hours a week!

Lee reveals the “secret” I wish I already know on how to structure your agency for a recurring monthly income while working part-time. Best of all, I got my first client in one week! I highly recommend Lee Cole’s course!

- Liza L.


When I first started out, my business grew rapidly. So did the number of hours per day I was working. I was making the money I wanted, but I was killing myself doing it!

So, I decided to dramatically slash the hours I worked per week.

Here’s exactly how I did this…

  • Instead of selling things like websites where people paid me just once, I focused all my energies on selling monthly recurring services
  • My developer and I also created software that automated the fulfillment of these services


There are two lessons to take away from this, if your goal is to make really good money AND have plenty of time left over to enjoy your life!

  • If you’re mainly trying to sell one-offs (services or products you only get paid one time for), you’re going to fail. Despite your best efforts, you’ll never make the big money and you’ll also be working way, way too hard!
  • You have to outsource or automate everything possible. (I chose the automation route. Massively simpler. No people to manage!)

If you can apply this to your own business efforts, you’re going to do massively better. Massively!

So, how do you do that?

Well, you can spend years perfecting the system like I did, or…you can keep reading and learn about my new training + software system, LinkedIn Autopilot Income!

I just want to say WOW??! YOUR PROGRAM IS THE REAL DEAL ??! I have completed only ¼ of the program and I already have a client. I can only image what will happen after I complete the program. I never had this kind of success from the innumerous programs, coaching, books, and webinars I purchased in the past. I can’t believe all the value, knowledge, and content that you provide in this program for only the cost of a lunch meal. By simply implementing a few of your strategies I can already see three more clients lining up for my service. Thanks Lee.

- Stu James

Introducing LinkedIn Autopilot Income!

LinkedIn Autopilot Income is our new training + software package that gives you everything you need to build a real, recurring income, autopilot business selling a video content marketing service to local businesses, entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, experts of all kinds, and more right on LinkedIn.

You get complete training on how to do this, plus our two incredible pieces of software, Tube Postr: LinkedIn Edition and LinkedIn Profile Genie. Everything that you need to get going and build the business you’ve always dreamed about.

Peter Froud

Lee, this is a complete business-in-a-box. You've left no stone unturned. Nothing is left out. Your new software is excellent! It is definitely going to be the number 1 application I will be using when taking on new clients.

Peter Froud, Devon, UK

LinkedIn Autopilot Income Is A Complete System, Software AND Training! 

  • LinkedIn Autopilot Income Training

    LinkedIn Autopilot Income is our new training + software package that gives you everything you need to quickly build a real, recurring income business selling a high-value video content marketing system to LinkedIn users. This system works well for local businesses, entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, and a whole host of other business people!
  • Tube Postr: LinkedIn Edition

    Our brand new Tube Postr: LinkedIn Edition software is the heart of the whole system! The software takes only minutes to set up. It will auto post videos that you choose from any YouTube channel to your or your client’s LinkedIn status update page. Once it’s set up, it’s completely set and forget. Video content marketing is huge on LinkedIn and our software makes it all so easy!
  • LinkedIn Profile Genie

    LinkedIn Profile Genie is our best-selling, proven software that actually writes professional grade marketing focuses LinkedIn profile summaries for you. The profile summary is the core of all LinkedIn marketing. With Profile Genie, your profile and your clients profile will act as a “silent sales letter”, naturally attracting and landing more clients than you’ll know what to do with.

This Is a Complete Business! You Get Everything--Training + Software!

Why Reinvent the Wheel When You Can Copy a Proven System?

Our LinkedIn Autopilot Income training and software is designed to have you up and running in no time. It’s completely step-by-step.

You’ll learn everything you need to build a real, recurring income business faster and easier than you ever thought possible selling a video content marketing service to LinkedIn users for $97 per month per customer!

Our proven, video-based learning format breaks everything down into small, doable steps. Anyone can do this! It’s completely newbie friendly.

You Get Two Amazing WordPress Plugins That Do All the Heavy Lifting for You! Tube Postr: LinkedIn Edition and LinkedIn Profile Genie.

video placeholder

Video content marketing is hot, hot, hot on LinkedIn. It brands you and your clients, and it also attracts high-value customers and clients to yours (or your client’s) business.

Our new WordPress plugin, Tube Postr: LinkedIn Edition does all your video marketing for you by autoposting appropriate YouTube videos of your choice to your (or your client’s) LinkedIn status update page.

LinkedIn Profile Genie is a WordPress plugin that actually writes marketing-focused profile summaries for you (or your client). The profile summary is the heart and soul of LinkedIn marketing. Think of it more like a powerful sales letter than a resume. With the right profile summary, you (or your client) are going to have prospects calling you and asking where to send their money! They’ll be closed before you (or your client) even speak with them the first time!

Complete AND Newbie Friendly!

LinkedIn Autopilot Income is a complete business! You get everything you need to start landing recurring income clients for this easy to deliver, high value service! Training, software, everything is here to ensure your success!

Everything is here—software, training, everything! Nothing is assumed! Newbie friendly, yet thorough enough for any seasoned marketer.

Exactly What You Get With LinkedIn Autopilot Income...

  • A to Z training that shows you step-by-step how to build a recurring income business, selling them a high value video content marketing service…all delivered by our software!
  • Tube Postr: LinkedIn Edition software, which takes only minutes to set up and posts videos that you pick at intervals that you control to your or your client’s LinkedIn status update page.
  • Our best-selling LinkedIn Profile Genie software, which writes professional quality LinkedIn profiles for you. Use this both for your own profile and for clients!

This is a proven sales system and software!

Let’s Make This EVEN BETTER!

How About We Include All the Marketing Materials You Need to Hit the Ground Running!

I’m so excited about your creating a life-changing income, I want to give you everything you could possibly need to sell this exciting service.

So, in addition to the world-class training and totally automated software, you’re going to get all these sales materials…if you purchase today!

Buy today, and you'll get all this...

  • 10 Professionally written PLR content articles about LinkedIn...a $200 value!
  • My own PowerPoint sales presentation that I use to sell this service...a $500 value!
  • A Professionally written PLR report about selling products and services on LinkedIn with two PLR covers...a $300 value!
  • Our proven, HTML squeeze page...a $250 value!
  • My own LinkedIn audit cheat sheet...a $150 value!
  • And, my proven LinkedIn Messaging sequence...a $350 value!

Over $1700 Worth of Pro Grade Marketing Materials That Will Give You Everything You Need to Rock This!

In Addition, You Get This Amazing Bonus Selection!

Hit the Ground Running, Take No Prisoners, Eliminate the Obstacles and B.S. with My Proven Quick Start Formula...A $297 Value!

In LinkedIn Autopilot Income Quick Start, I show you all my tips and techniques for getting up and running selling your content marketing service on LinkedIn FAST! I've sold content marketing services to businesses and entrepreneurs for years now. In this Quick Start training, I'm going to pull the curtain back on my own unique sales process, one that will land clients for you faster and easier than you ever thought possible, even if you completely suck at selling!

Hang On! I'm Including Got Even More Money Making Training!

LinkedIn Business In A Box is one of those "once in a lifetime" trainings that actually does change lives! It's been responsible for hundreds of people learning how market savvy experts actually sell on LinkedIn and finally breaking free and creating the incomes and lifestyles of their dreams. I did this training with my good friend and serial entrepreneur, Gloria Gunn. Add this to LinkedIn Autopilot Income and the results will speak for themselves!  This is a $97 value. Yours FREE today when you purchase LinkedIn Autopilot Income!

Buy Today! And In Addition to All This, You'll Get the Following, Cutting-Edge Bonuses...Another $250 Value!

YouTube Traffic Weapon

Use YouTube To Create Traffic Sucking Videos! ... A $37 Value!

Youtube Authority

Now You Can Get Instant Access To a Training Series To Help You Be A YouTube Authority! ... A $47 Value!

LinkedIn Success

Unlock the Secrets on How to Use LinkedIn to Generate Targeted Leads and Dramatically Increase Sales for Your Business! Finally! Discover Everything You Need to Know for Your Business to Find Success on LinkedIn! ... A $47 Value!

Social Media Explosion

Using Social Media & Getting To Know Facebook! A $47 Value!

Social Media Plan

Finally... How to Create a Social Traffic Plan to Generate More Targeted Traffic! Follow This Comprehensive Guide for Using Social Media to Get Targeted Website Traffic! ... A $47 Value!

Let's Summarize Everything You Get When You Buy Today!

  • My new, cutting-edge LinkedIn Autopilot Income training...step-by-step instructions on how to get clients and build a real business selling video content marketing services to LinkedIn users
  • My never before released WordPress plugin, Tube Postr: LinkedIn Edition...automates video content marketing to LinkedIn
  • My LinkedIn Profile Genie WordPress Plugin...writes marketing-focused LinkedIn profile summaries for you
  • All the marketing materials you'll need to go big with this...everything from my own PowerPoint presentation to PLR articles you can publish as your own
  • My "Eliminates all obstacles", Quick Start training
  • My best-selling course, LinkedIn Business in a Box
  • And over $250 worth of more cutting-edge, money spewing bonuses

Buy Today and You'll Get LinkedIn Autopilot Income Training & Software, PLUS Over $2300 Worth of Money-Making Bonuses!

How About I Shoulder ALL the Risk?

I’m so completely confident that you’re going to love my new training and software that I’m willing to shoulder all the risk! Buy today and if at any time over the next seven days you decide this isn't for you, just let us know in support, and we'll cheerfully refund ALL you money! 

Not only that, but you can keep the bonuses! 😉

100% guaranteed! You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain!


Ready to Build the Business You’ve Always Dreamed About?

I’m not going to beat around the bush about the price. And, I’m not going to insult you with saying that it could be $197, or $97, or whatever.

If you purchase LinkedIn Autopilot Income today, you can get everything we’ve talked about in this sales letter for only…


"Any Requirements?"

Nothing as far as skill. The training covers that. All you need to get started with this is a self-hosted WordPress website. That means you own your own domain and you have hosting. (Something as inexpensive as a HostGator Baby account is fine.)


Here’s What You Do Next!

LinkedIn Autopilot Income is our new training + software package that gives you everything you need to quickly build a real business selling a video content marketing service to local businesses, entrepreneurs, and other related types of business people.

You get complete training on how to do this, plus two incredible pieces of software, Tube Postr: LinkedIn Edition and LinkedIn Profile Genie.

Get this today and start profiting by as early as this weekend!

And, It’s All Guaranteed!

Remember, if you decide you don't want this for any reason whatsoever, let us know within 7 days of the date of your purchase, and we'll refund 100% of your money. Not only that, but you can keep the bonuses!

Still Can't Decide? Check Out the FAQ Below! If You Can't Find Your Answer There, Let Me Know In Support. I'm Here To Help! 

  • Q.How does the LinkedIn Autopilot Income system work?

    A.It’s super easy. You use our video content marketing software to do your prospecting for you. Leads will be calling you and messaging you. What you’re selling is doing video content marketing for your clients. This is super easy to sell!

  • Q.How big is the market for this service and is there a lot of competition?

    A.The market for this is huge and the competition is virtually non-existent! There are way over half a billion LinkedIn users. That would mean there are at least a hundred million candidates for this service. You don’t need a hundred million. All you need is a few clients paying you monthly!

  • Q.How long before I can quit my day job?

    A.Depends on you. If you get 10 clients a month and you do nothing else. No upselling. Nothing. In six months you’d be making $100k per year. How much do you need to live off of?

  • Q.How much skill is required?

    A.That’s the beauty of the system. None! Our software does all the work for you! Selling this is a breeze too, when you follow our easy “show and sell” method. 

  • Q.What other services can I sell in addition to video content marketing?

    A.What are you capable of fulfilling and what services would your target marketing need? You can follow this up with other kinds of content marketing, more social media marketing, video marketing, you name it!

  • Q.How long should it take for me to get my first client?

    A.Again, depends on you and your work ethic. It should take only a few hours to go through the course and set up our software. After that, it’s a matter of following our proven prospecting and selling system!

  • Q.Does this work only in the US?

    A.No, not at all! This works globally in any language.

  • Q.Can I do this part-time while I build up my business?

    A.This is the perfect part-time gig and requires minimal work on your part. You’ll need to work consistently, but not a lot each day!

  • Q.I’ve never had any real success. Will this work for me?

    A.Honestly, it’s according to why you haven’t had the success you desire. Are you actually working at this stuff? If so, and you’re not getting anywhere, then you need to change what you’re trying to sell and how you’re selling it, and LinkedIn Autopilot Income is the perfect thing to change to!

  • Q.Will This Work on a MAC?

    A.The software is two WordPress plugins. You’ll need a self-hosted WordPress site (your own domain and your own hosting—very inexpensive). So, it doesn’t matter what type of computer you use.

  • Q.I’ve Never Installed a WordPress Plugin. How Easy Is That?

    A.Easy! We’ve got excellent instructions. If you hit a snag, let us know in support. We’re here to answer all your questions. If you want us to install them for you, just let us know in support. We’ll do that for a modest fee.

  • Q.What do I need to get started?

    A.Nothing beyond your own self-hosted website, a domain and a self-hosted WordPress site. If you don’t have that and you’re not sure how to get such a thing, let us know in support. We’ll tell you exactly what to do. BTW, if you’re in business you need a website! 

  • Q.I’m Uncomfortable with Selling. Can I Still Do This?

    A.We teach you an easy way to sell. It’s not really selling. We call it our “non-salesy” approach. Perfect for people who dread selling!

  • Q.Is this cloud-based software?

    A.Yes, in the sense that It’s hosted on your own WordPress site. It’s not something you log into and use. You have your own installation.

  • Q.Do I need a business website?

    A.Yes, you need a domain and a self-hosted WordPress site. If you don’t have that and you’re not sure how to get such a thing, let us know in support. We’ll tell you exactly what to do.

  • Q.Do I need to already have a LinkedIn account?

    A.No, you can start from scratch. The training shows you every step you need to take!

  • Q.Do I need any other software?

    A.Nope! Nothing except what you get when you purchase LinkedIn Autopilot Income. 

  • Q.Is this easy to sell?

    A.Extremely! The service you’ll be selling pretty much sells itself when you use my “show and sell” method. No need to be a salesperson, either. Anyone can do this!

  • Q.Does this break LI’s terms of service?

    A.No, we use their own programmer API, this means they want us to create this kind of software!

Boring Details About Why This Is So Important!

I don't want to kill you with boring details about why content marketing on LinkedIn is so powerful. Having said that, I know there are a few folks out there who need to know this in order to proceed. 

Here's the deal.

When Microsoft bought LinkedIn in 2016, the main change they made was to focus the platform on content marketing. Video marketing just takes this all one step further!

Video marketing on LinkedIn…

  • Brands you or your clients as a world-class expert
  • Gets more eyeballs on your profile summary
  • Creates more leads for your or your client’s business
  • Makes closing those leads into sales much, much easier!

Want Some Proof?

A year or so ago, LinkedIn started measuring users’ sales effectiveness with a number called the Social Selling Index, or SSI.

Every account has an SSI, and the higher your SSI the easier social selling is going to be for you.

The SSI is calculated using four metrics, two of which have to do with posting quality content!

Get that SSI higher for you or your client, and selling will be much easier!

While We’re Talking About SSI!

My new WordPress plugin actually boosts your account’s SSI (or your client’s account if you’re using it for that).

Here’s my SSI before I started using Tube Postr: LinkedIn Edition...

Here's my SSI one week after using Tube Postr: LinkedIn Edition!

As you can see, Tube Postr: LinkedIn Edition does it's work! Without me doing anything else, My SSI rose 13 points in just one week! Wow!

So, Where Does That Leave You? And What Do You Do Next?

LinkedIn Autopilot Income is our new training + software package that gives you everything you need to quickly build a real business selling a video content marketing service to local businesses, entrepreneurs, and other related types of business people.

You get complete training on how to do this, plus two incredible pieces of software, Tube Postr: LinkedIn Edition and LinkedIn Profile Genie.

In addition to my world-class training and software, you also get over $2300 worth of money-making bonuses!

Get this today and start profiting by as early as this weekend!

Buy LinkedIn Autopilot Income Today and Start Building the Business You've Always Wanted!

Now's the time! Get started on changing your income and your life today. Click the buy button and get started right away!

To Your Best Success!

Lee Cole

Luc Cole

PS: LinkedIn Autopilot Income is our new training + software package that gives you everything you need to sell a video content marketing to local businesses, entrepreneurs, and more. Getting clients is a breeze, if you follow our easy instructions. All you need to do to fulfill this service is hook up your software (that you get from us when you buy this) with your new clients LinkedIn account and either their own YouTube channel or any other channel you want to draw the videos from. You can post just the video, or you can add the title and descriptions. You have TOTAL CONTROL over what videos get posted. You also get our best-selling software LinkedIn Profile Genie. You’ll use this to create your own killer profile summary and also as a way to upsell your new client on a profile upgrade. Basically, you get EVERYTHING you need to hit the ground running and build a huge recurring income business FAST!

PPS: Test drive this for FREE! Everything is completely guaranteed for a period of 7 days after the date of purchase. Just let us know in support, and we’ll cheerfully refund your entire purchase within 24 to 48 hours. (Weekends take a bit longer.) Guess, what? You can even keep the bonuses!

PPPS: If you buy today, you get an invite to my limited attendance, Hit the Ground Running, webinar. This is a live webinar, which will be recorded and made available to you in the members area, in case you can’t attend. This is a rare chance to get the personal attention you need to break loose of all obstacles and start making real money fast...A $197 Value!

PPPS: Also, if you purchase today, you get over $2300 of cutting-edge, money making bonuses. 

PPPPPS: Almost forgot...OTOs! I know everyone wants to know if there are any otos and if you HAVE to have them. There are two, and no...you don't have to have either of them, although you'll probably want to pick them up. OTO1 is called Income Doubler, and it’s a proven method for doubling your income from every client you get! Now you can get to your goals twice as fast.  OTO2 is my affordable group coaching. You can read all about that on the page, but let me just tell you what people rave about my coaching! It often makes THE difference between success and failure. All at a price anyone can afford, too! 

PPPPPPS: Remember, if you can't or don't want to install a WordPress plugin, just let us know in support. We do it for you at a nominal cost!