Turn Your Audiogram Business Into a Recurring, Six-Figure Empire!

Take your audiogram business the next level! With Shirley’s Instant Audiogram Agency Pro training, you’re going to learn how to build an entire marketing agency focused on audio marketing. This is perfect for newbie marketers and seasoned pros alike. No experience necessary. Just go through Shirley’s amazing course, and apply what you learn.

This, my friend, is how you turn those $200 audiogram sales into recurring income streams of $2,000 to $3,000 per client, just as Shirley does.

This is comprehensive, complete training. Look at everything inside this thirteen module course:

  • Module 1: Intro and Agenda
  • Module 2: Audio Marketing- What Is An Audiogram And Why They Are So Effective
  • Module 3: How To Create Audiogram Content Ideas For Clients
  • Module 4: How To Record And Edit A Professional Sound Quality Recording Using Zoom And Audacity
  • Module 5: How To Find Someone On Fiverr To Record And Edit Your Audio
  • Module 6: Where To Find Design Assets For Your Audiograms
  • Module 7: How To Sign Up For Headliner And The Headliner Platform Overview
  • Module 8: How To Build An Audiogram With Headliner.App From Start To Finish
  • Module 9: How To Write Audio Notes For Your Audiograms
  • Module 10: How To Write Content For Audiogram Campaigns
  • Module 11: Quick Headliner Tips And Tricks
  • Module 12: How to Write Audio Notes That Get People to Actually Listen to the Audio
  • Module 13: How to Write Quick Audio Content

In addition to this amazing course, Shirley is holding a live MASTERCLASS webinar where she’s going to dive deep into the process of creating a real, audio agency from scratch. Who better to learn from than one of the industry leaders who’s “been there, and done that”?