"Step into the Future of Digital Marketing: Master GPTs for Enhanced Revenue and Reduced Workload!

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Want to learn how to build and monetize AI products?

How about massively simplifying your own business marketing?

If so, you need to pay close attention to what we’re offering in our new GPT Masterclass!

In this class, you’re going to learn how to…

Build and monetize new AI, ChatGPT-based products
Massively simplify marketing for your own business
Create one-of-a-kind, high-ticket products and services to sell to your clients
Create passive income streams that are truly passive, that take only an hour or so per week to manage yet pay you thousands per month
Use our proven AI-driven process to create new services, products, and income streams

Three Days of Live Training Sessions: Each day focuses on different aspects of creating and utilizing custom GPTs...

Day 1: Introduction to Custom GPTs and foundational planning
Day 2: Build your first Custom GPT and exploring advanced GPT features
Day 3: Learn how to utilize Custom GPTs for digital marketing and monetization strategies

Classes are held April 29th, 30th, and May 1st at 3 pm, Eastern time. All classes will be recorded and made available in a members area, along with all handouts and teaching materials.

Here's Everything You Get When Your Register, Today!...

Access to Training Replays: Participants will have access to the replays of the training sessions, allowing them to revisit the material at their convenience and ensure they can benefit from the training regardless of scheduling conflicts
Homework Assignments: Practical assignments at the end of each training day to apply what has been learned and start building custom GPT projects
Comprehensive Course Handouts and Materials: Including detailed guides and resources that complement the live training sessions
Access to the GPT Creator GPT: A specially designed GPT tool to assist participants in crafting prompts and designing effective GPTs
Step-by-Step Guides: Including a detailed walkthrough of the GPT API and instructions for creating assistants, setting parameters, and integrating external data
Advanced Prompt Engineering Techniques: Insights on refining prompts to improve the accuracy and relevance of GPT responses
Digital Marketing and SEO Strategies: Lessons on how to use custom GPTs to enhance digital marketing efforts, including content creation for SEO, social media engagement, and personalized email campaigns
Monetization Strategies: Strategies for creating marketable GPT-based products and services, and tips for effectively promoting and distributing these products

No need to be a tech genius. This is completely newbie friendly!

Anyone can create GPTs to use in their business! We've not only simplified the process, but we're also going to give you our "secret weapon".

A while back, Gloria developed at GPT to create GPTs with.

Using our own, proven GPT Creator, you too can create amazing, powerful, and monetizable GPTs for your own business and those of your clients!


If you purchase, today, you'll get 60 days email access to Gloria and her team. Ask them any questions you want. Get unstuck. Remove obstacles. Ask about best case uses and more!

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Want to say goodbye to struggling to build your business, either affiliate or local marketing?

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Guaranteed 7 days from the date of the purchase up until the start of the first webinar. Then all sales are final. 

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