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“My new clients are loving Jeanne's new GBP hack! They’re BEGGING me to take their money!”

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Secret Google Business Profile Hack Rockets Jeanne's Clients into the Local Pack!

(Note: Google Business Profile used to be called Google My Business.)


When my friend, Jeanne Kolenda, showed me the crazy results she was getting with her new Google Business Profile hack, I couldn’t believe my eyes!

“You're almost guaranteed to hit that top, local pack on Google Maps searches with this. My clients are loving it!”

Before we get into this, though, let me introduce myself and Jeanne. 

From the desk of Lee Cole

Before I tell you how Jeanne is using her new Google Hack to help her clients get tons of new business through Google Business Profile (used to be called Google My Business), let me tell you a little about Jeanne and me...

Lee Cole

Hi! I'm Lee Cole! I’ve been making money online since 2007. In 2010, I quit my job (math teacher) and started my own agency selling SEO and other services to local businesses. The next year, 2011, I started creating training and coaching to help others, just like you, do the same. To date, I’ve coached thousands of people and sold tens of thousands of training products. I’ve helped God knows how many people build substantial incomes selling Internet marketing products and services to local businesses, and I can help you.

Jeanne Kolenda

My partner, Jeanne Kolenda, has been a self-employed entrepreneur for over forty years. Like me, she discovered the idea of selling Internet marketing services to local businesses about ten years ago. Like me, she started selling SEO, but then, a few years ago, changed her business to focus on social media marketing. 

Jeanne Gets Very Well Paid to Market Her Clients’ Google Business Profile Listings!

Money like this streams into Jeanne's bank account each and every month! This is the World’s Easiest Business!

Jeanne's Google Business Profile Money Hack Is Super Easy! Just Three Easy Steps

Step 1: 

   Use Jeanne's battle-tested method for quickly landing new clients for your GBP business

Step 2: 

   Follow her easy steps to complete and optimize your new client’s GBP listing

Step 3: 

   Apply Jeanne’s “Secret Sauce” to rocket your client’s listing into the stratosphere!

Anyone Can Build a Business By Following Our Simple, Super-Newbie Friendly Training!

How long have you been trying to build a real business selling internet marketing products and services to local businesses?

For those of us who know how this business works, this is THE BEST business to be in. 

If, however, you don’t know what to sell, how to find clients, and especially how to let automation do all the work for you, building a local marketing business can be very frustrating!

Are You Facing These Problems?

No, or too few, clients?
No recurring income?
Having to work hours per day trying to build a business and serve the few clients you have?
Not making enough money?

I’ve Got Some Great News for You!

Quit beating your head against a brick wall and get access to our brand new system that gets you recurring income clients quickly and easily. 

Now’s the Time to Start Landing Recurring Income Clients Who Need Help with Their Google Business Profile Listing!

Here's the Deal...Google My Business Is Now Google Business Profile!

Recently, Google changed the name of Google My Business to Google Business Profile. They did more than changing the name, though. They streamlined the interface. 

By putting together Google Search, Google Maps, and Google My Business, Google has created the most powerful local business platform, ever. 

Every business needs to be on Google Business Profile. They need to claim their listing and optimize it. They also need to ensure their listing shows up in the top search results called the “local pack.”

Most businesses don’t know how to do this. They really need your help! 

Why Is Google Business Profile So Important for Local Businesses?

A complete and optimized listing massively affects SEO rankings for both the profile itself and for the business’s website
A complete and optimized Google listing for a business sets an immediate positive first impression
Google Business Profile’s streamlined Maps integration makes it super easy for customers to find retail businesses

Using Google Business Profile’s direct messaging capability, customers/clients/patients can easily message the business without having to search for the business’s contact for on their website
Customer/Client/Patient reviews are displayed on the GBP profile. This rivals Yelp and Trustpilot in importance

When Jeanne Discovered  Her Secret Hack for Getting Way More Eyeballs on Her Client’s Google Business Profile Listings, It Was GAME OVER!

A business’s Google Business Profile listing is more important than any other social media listing for getting business!

More important than Facebook!

More important than LinkedIn!

More important than Instagram!

More than any social media platform, people EXPECT businesses to be on Google Business Profile, AND they expect that business to have a complete and optimized listing with daily content.

Businesses know they need this, too. But like everything else, busy business owners and managers don’t have the time to do this themselves. Their employees don’t have the skills. 

Here's Where You Come In!

Using Jeanne’s strategies, you can not only help businesses dominate their local niche, but you can easily find clients to pay you big bucks to do this!

Best of all, you’re going to get paid monthly!

How Many Clients at $250 Per Month Do You Need to Meet Your Income Goals?

10 clients = $30,000 per year

20 clients, $60,000 per year

100 clients?... You do the math! 

Ready to Make Those Business Dreams a Reality? Introducing Google Business Profile Profits!

Google Business Profile Profits is our new “business in a box” that gives you everything you need to start and build a social posting business focused on helping clients with their GBP profiles. 

You get everything you need, including complete instructions on how to get clients, what to sell, how to sell it, what to charge, and how to deliver the service. 

This Is a Brain-Dead Easy Business!

 Just send out our proven sales letter and start landing clients, faster and easier than you ever imagined possible. 

Nothing beyond that is required…

No website
No previous experience
No expensive cold emailing
No paid advertising
No icky selling
No expensive software to buy 

This Is the Perfect Lifestyle Business

Jeanne and her husband, Leon, have money AND time! They spend most of their time traveling and seeing family. (Leon's an amateur photographer.)

Recently, Jeanne and Leon have been to Sedona, Arizona, Big Bend National Park in Texas, and Nova Scotia. Where will they go next? No idea, but I do know that Jeanne and Leon are living a wonderful, rich life, all thanks to her social posting business. 

Jeanne and Leon Spend a Lot of Time Traveling in Their RV. Here's Where They've Been Recently...

This Business Is as Simple as It Gets!

A couple of years ago, Jeanne discovered that daily posting to a Google listing had a HUGE impact on how well in ranked in the searches. She often gets her clients in the top Local Pack, although she never promises her clients that they’ll rank on top. Clients are happy to pay Jeanne monthly, just to get more eyeballs on their listings, because this results in more sales for their businesses. 

Jeanne makes upwards of $250 per month per client on autopilot from over 100 clients each and every month helping businesses with their Google Business Profile listing. 

This is a brain-dead, ethical business that anyone can start. 

When you purchase Google Business Profile Profits, today, you get everything you need to hit the ground running and create your own massive monthly income, just as Jeanne has done!

Let’s list everything you get!

Here’s Exactly What You Get!

Complete training on Jeanne’s proven Google Business Profile hack
A Complete set of 60 brand new, never before sold graphic memes you can use with any business
Complete training on how to get clients, optimize their listings, and post content
In addition, you get complete training on how much to charge for your services and how to get paid in a recurring, monthly manner that doesn’t require you to rebill everyone every month

You Get a Full Set of 60 Never Before Sold Graphic Memes—Exactly What Jeanne Uses!

(For those of you who have bought graphics from me and Jeanne before, these are BRAND NEW! These memes focus on 20th-century inventions. They're perfect for posting to any business account!)

You get a complete collection of 60 graphic memes. These are exactly the type of graphics Jeanne posts to her own clients' accounts. 

Daily posting has a HUGE influence on the ranking of a business's Google Business Profile profile. 

Jeanne actually discovered the power of daily posting by accident a couple of years ago. She decided to try an experiment and do social posting to a client's Google account. 

The results were amazing! Their listing rocketed to the top of the local pack, and her client was very happy!

Since then, Jeanne's been using social posting to help hundreds of clients maximize their position in Google Maps and in the local pack results. 

Jeanne's clients are super-happy, and more than willing to pay her upwards of $250 per month per client, and more for this simple to fulfill service!

In our new product, Google Business Profile Profits, Jeanne and I show you exactly how her social posting business works with companies' Google Business Profiles. We give you everything you need to duplicate Jeanne's business. Complete training and a complete set of images to post!

What are you waiting for? This is your ticket to building that business you've always dreamed out!

Get our new Google Business Profile Profits, TODAY!

We Should Be Selling This for Over $1,000!

It cost Jeanne over $1,000 to create the graphics memes you’re purchasing. When you put our world-class training in, you’re looking at over $1500 in value!

You’re not paying anywhere near that, today. 

Today, you can get everything you need for only…

Get 30 More Graphics for Only $0.30 Each by Clicking the Bump Offer When You Check Out!

It Doesn’t Take Long to Build a Significant Income. Get Our Training and Get Started, TODAY!

10 clients = $30,000 per year

20 clients, $60,000 per year

100 clients?... You do the math! 

Buy Today and Get Invited to Our Hit the Ground Running Webinar!

Our new "Hit the Ground Running" webinar is new training that Jeanne and I have developed. The goal of the training is to help you learn to sell Jeanne's social posting service in an easy and natural way. Nothing icky! After this training, selling will be as easy as breathing. You'll wonder why you've been dreading it so much! 

Are You Ready to Build the Business You’ve Always Dreamed Of?

If you’re ready to build that business you’ve always dreamed of, then click this next button. You’ll be taken to our secure payment processor (PayPal), where you’ll complete your purchase and check out. 

Your login details will be emailed to your email address. In addition, they’re available on your WarriorPlus receipt!

Everything Is On Sale Today for Only...

Please note: because this is a PLR (Private Label Rights) product, we do not offer a money-back guarantee. We can’t take our images and other content back after you’ve downloaded it. We’re sure you wouldn’t be someone who would want to steal from us, but unfortunately, there are a few who would. You and I both are the victims of these few people. Jeanne and I stand behind our products. When you get access, you’ll see your purchase in the members’ area. Everything will be there, just as the sales letter says. (If for some reason you don’t get your login from us, don’t panic. Look in spam first. It’s usually there. If you still can’t find it, please ticket us. The support ticket address is on your WarriorPlus receipt.)

Still not sure? Check out our FAQ!

What is Google Business Profile Profits?

Google Business Profile Profits is our new “business in a box” that gives you everything you need to start and build a social posting business focused on helping clients with their GBP profiles. 

You get everything you need, including complete instructions on how to get clients, what to sell, how to sell it, what to charge, and how to deliver the service. 

What exactly are you selling businesses?

Jeanne sells a daily social posting service. She posts graphic memes. When you purchase Google Business Profile Profits, today, you get 60 memes. These are from her new 20th Century inventions collection, and they’re brand new! This is plenty to get you started building a real social posting business like Jeanne’s.

How does social posting help businesses with their Google Business Profile/Google Maps listings?

Two years ago, Jeanne started posting memes to a few of her clients’ Google accounts. Back then it was called Google My Business. She noticed that these clients’ Google accounts were showing up in the top, local pack just from this one change. From then on, she’s offered social posting to clients’ Google accounts. Her average charge for this is $250 per month per client. 

I'm really new, can I do this?

If you go through the course, you should have no problem. 

Do I need a website or anything else?

Nothing except a willingness to work and learn. 

Is this just for the US?

Not at all! Businesses everywhere need this type of help. Having said that, our graphics are in English. If you buy oto 2, though, you'll have access to the editable files and you can translate the memes into your own language. 

How do you post graphic memes for businesses, and do you teach how to do this?

We use inexpensive, off-the-shelf software to post the memes. We cover all of that in the training. 

How long should it take me to see real money?

Unanswerable. Most people purchase courses like this and do nothing. Nothing comes out of nothing!

What skills do I need?

None but a willingness to learn and work.  

Are there any otos? 

Two. OTO 1 consists of 60 Videos for you to post for your clients. These are sized for both YouTube (horizontal) and Instagram (vertical). OTO 2 is more graphics AND editable files for everything. 

  Jeanne and I are super excited about helping you build your dream business, today! Once you purchase, our members’ area will send you a login email. Just follow the simple instructions and log in. If you have any problems at all, we have excellent customer service! Use the support link, which is in the members’ area and also on WarriorPlus receipt. 


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