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  My good friend and 71-year-old grandmother, Jeanne Kolenda, runs a mid-six-figure social media posting business with close to 200 clients each paying her an average of $250 per month on autopilot. 

I asked her recently how she built her business so fast!

“Anytime I want a bunch of new clients, I use my Golden Goose Method,” Jeanne answered. 

What’s Jeanne’s Golden Goose Method?

Read the rest of this short sales letter and find out! 

From the desk of Lee Cole

Before I tell you how Jeanne uses her Golden Goose Method to get at 10 new clients for her social media posting business in as little as 30 days anytime she wants to, let me first tell you a little about us...

Lee Cole

Hi! I'm Lee Cole! I’ve been making money online since 2007. In 2010, I quit my job (math teacher) and started my own agency selling SEO and other services to local businesses. The next year, 2011, I started creating training and coaching to help others, just like you, do the same. To date, I’ve coached thousands of people and sold tens of thousands of training products. I’ve helped God knows how many people build substantial incomes selling Internet marketing products and services to local businesses, and I can help you.

Jeanne Kolenda

My partner, Jeanne Kolenda, has been a self-employed entrepreneur for over forty years. Like me, she discovered the idea of selling Internet marketing services to local businesses about ten years ago. Like me, she started selling SEO, but then, a few years ago, changed her business to focus on social media marketing. 

Jeanne Makes Mega-Bucks Using Easy-to-Use, Inexpensive Software to Post Graphic Memes to Her Clients’ Social Media Pages!

Jeanne has close to 200 clients, paying her an average of $250 per month for posting inspirational graphics (memes) and other types of graphics to their social media accounts. (You do the math! )

Check out these recent invoice receipts from Jeanne's business. These are two real receipts sent to two real clients. (2 out of close to 200.)

These are just two of the close to 200 PAID receipts Jeanne sends to her clients...EVERY MONTH! 

Jeanne uses super-simple software to post graphic memes to her clients’ social media accounts. 

Stuff like this…

(For those of you who have bought graphics from me and Jeanne before, these are BRAND NEW!)

Jeanne posts these types of inspirational memes to her clients' social media sites. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and more! 

Here's an example of what this looks like on Facebook...

Clients Love Jeanne's Posting Service!

Jeanne's posting service solves a huge problem for her clients. It makes their social media pages, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc, look great! Most businesses either don't know how or don't have the bandwidth to do their social media posting themselves. Because of this their pages look like crap! 

Check out this page of a real business in Atlanta, Ga!

The last time this business posted anything on Facebook was a year and a half ago. 

I know this business. I get my car repaired there. They have a lot of competition in the area, and they barely survived the COVID year. 

The last thing they need is to look like they're out of business on Facebook!

(I spoke with the manager the other day, and have already referred them to Jeanne. They really need her help.)

There are hundreds of thousands of businesses in the US, just like these guys. (Probably millions globally.)

Real businesses, trying to survive in today's crazy economy. 

They don't have the time or energy to do their own social posting. 

Because of this, they're losing business.

They need your help!

Selling Jeanne's service to these businesses is like shooting fish in a barrel. All your clients are recurring income clients who pay you anywhere from $150 to $400 per month per client.

If you learn Jeanne's newbie-friendly Golden Goose Method, you can start building your own social media posting, recurring income business, too! 

(Have I mentioned that Jeanne's never lost a client, not even during the COVID year?)

Are You Ready to Build a Real Business, Like Jeanne's?

INTRODUCING...The Golden Goose Method!

The Golden Goose Method is exactly how Jeanne started her social posting business. This is an easy-to-do, complete system that anyone can follow. Jeanne uses this very system when she wants more clients. She can get upwards of 10 new clients in 30 days or less anytime she desires. 

The Golden Goose Method Is the Perfect, Fool-Proof System Anyone Can Use to Start and Build Their Own Social Media Posting, Recurring Income Business. No Previous Experience or Skill Is Required!

No cold calling
No previous sales experience
No paid advertising
No high-pressure, icky sales presentations 
No expensive software to buy 

This Is the Perfect Lifestyle Business

Jeanne and her husband, Leon, have money AND time! They spend most of their time traveling and seeing family. (Leon’s an amateur photographer.)

Recently, Jeanne and Leon have been to Sedona, Arizona, Big Bend National Park in Texas, and Nova Scotia. Where will they go next? No idea! But I do know that Jeanne and Leon are living a wonderful, rich life, thanks to her social posting business. 

Jeanne and Leon Spend a Lot of Their Time Traveling in Their RV. Here's Where They've Been Recently

Jeanne’s Business Is as Simple as It Gets

Jeanne sells graphic memes to small businesses who need help with their social media. 

Inexpensive, easy-to-use software does all the work. (You never have to come out of pocket!)

Using her Golden Goose Method, Jeanne can land at least 10 new clients in a month. That makes her an extra $2500 per month on autopilot. She's never lost a client, either! 

So, that $2500 per month comes in month after month, year after year. (Jeanne has come clients who've been paying her for over three years, month after month!)

What would an extra $2500 per month coming in on autopilot do for you?

And, if you can get 10 clients, you can get 20, or even 50, or over 100, just as Jeanne does.

All you need is a laptop and our new training. Nothing else is required! 

No website
No paid advertising
No cold calling
No direct mail
No previous sales experience or training
No icky selling
No previous business experience

This Is a Complete "Business in a Box"!

Here’s What You Get When You Purchase Our New Golden Goose Method Today!

Complete training on our proven Golden Goose System—Learn Jeanne's Method for Landing 10 New Clients in 30 Days or Less
60 brand new, inspirational graphic memes—We even give you DFY comments to go along with your graphics. You get PLR (Private Label Rights) to all of the graphics so you can use these for all your clients!
Complete training on how to post, how much to charge, and how to scale and upsell your way to a much larger business!

Examples of the 60 New Graphics Memes You Get When You Purchase Today

These are brand new graphics. Jeanne just had them made. (This costs her close to $1,000!) We've never before sold these to anyone! They're perfect for any kind of client!

It Doesn’t Take Long to Build a Significant Income. You Can Start Today By Learning Jeanne's Powerful Golden Goose Method!

At an average of $250 per client per month (which is Jeanne's average),

10 clients = $2500 per month on autopilot

20 clients = $5000

40 clients = $10000

How much money do you need to live your dream lifestyle? 

Building Your Business Only Takes an Hour or Two a Day!

How much TV do you look at? Netflix? Amazon? Hulu?

How many hours a day?

Take two of those hours and build a real business using our proven Golden Goose Method. 

Anyone can do this!

Are You Ready to Build Your Own Social Posting Business, Today?

If so, get our Golden Goose Method training and DFY graphics, today. 

You’ll have everything you need to build a business like Jeanne’s. 

Our new Golden Goose training teaches you our super-easy method for landing clients for your own social posting business.

Jeanne lands at least 10 new clients in a month or less anytime she wants!

You need no previous skills to rock this business. Just a willingness to learn the system and apply!

We should be selling this for at least $997, but we're you can get everything for a small, one-time payment of only...

Get 30 More Graphics for Only $0.30 Each by Clicking the Bump Offer When You Check Out!

Let’s list everything you get

Our new Golden Goose Method training—How Jeanne Gets 10 New Clients in 30 Days or Less
60 brand new graphic inspirational memes for you to post for your clients--You get PLR rights so you can use these for your clients
DFY Comments for Your 60 graphic memes
Complete training on how to post to a client's social media accounts, what software to use (you never come out of pocket), how to upsell to higher ticket items, and how to easily scale your business

Buy Today and Get Invited to Lee’s New Training Webinar: The Money’s in the BankEasy Closing Techniques for the Sales Phobic!

Do you HATE the idea of selling?

Do you break out into a sweat at the thought of talking with prospects?

Does the idea of asking for business make you want to crawl into a dark hole and suck your thumb?

Congratulations! You're like 99% of the world's population. 

People HATE to sell. But people like us (marketers) have to sell! 

If you're going to land business, you have to learn how to sell. 

In my new training, The Money's in the Bank, I'm going to show you how to ask for the sale in ways that will 1) Get the prospect to say yes, and 2) won't make you feel like a sleazy car salesperson. 

This is brand new training from me, and it's worth at least 10x what you're paying for this entire product. 

The training is delivered via webinar, which will be recorded. You'll get invited to the webinar upon purchase...But only if you buy, today!

Everything Is On Sale Today for Only...

Please note: because this is a PLR (Private Label Rights) product, we do not offer a money-back guarantee. We can’t take our images and other content back after you’ve downloaded it. We’re sure you wouldn’t be someone who would want to steal from us, but unfortunately, there are a few who would. You and I both are the victims of these few people. Jeanne and I stand behind our products. When you get access, you’ll see your purchase in the members’ area. Everything will be there, just as the sales letter says. (If for some reason you don’t get your login from us, don’t panic. Look in spam first. It’s usually there. If you still can’t find it, please ticket us. The support ticket address is on your WarriorPlus receipt.)

Still not sure? Check out our FAQ!

What is The Golden Goose Method?

The Golden Goose Method is two things. It’s a training product that teaches you the easiest way I’ve ever known to get clients. Jeanne gets 10 new clients in 30 days or less anytime she wants! It also gives you all the graphics you need to set up your own social posting business. Bottom line, you have everything you need to start and build a social posting business like Jeanne’s.

What exactly are you selling businesses?

You’ll be selling graphic inspirational memes to local businesses along with the service of posting these memes to their social media accounts.  

Why do businesses need social posting help?

Facebook rewards businesses that post daily. Those businesses’ Facebook pages will rank higher than their competitors, which will secure them more traffic organically. 

I'm really new, can I do this?

If you go through the course, you should have no problem. 

Do I need a website or anything else?

Nothing except a willingness to work and learn. 

Is this just for the US?

Not at all! Businesses everywhere need this type of help. Having said that, our graphics are in English. If you buy oto 2, though, you'll have access to the editable files and you can translate the memes into your own language. 

How do you post graphic memes for businesses, and do you teach how to do this?

Jeanne uses easy-to-use, inexpensive software. Yes, we teach you how to do this. 

How long should it take me to see real money?

Unanswerable. Most people purchase courses like this and do nothing. Nothing comes out of nothing!

What skills do I need?

None but a willingness to learn and work.  

Are there any otos? 

Two. OTO 1 consists of 60 Videos for you to post for your clients. These are sized for both YouTube (horizontal) and Instagram (vertical). OTO 2 is more graphics AND editable files for everything. 

  Jeanne and I are super excited about helping you build your dream business, today! Once you purchase, our members’ area will send you a login email. Just follow the simple instructions and log in. If you have any problems at all, we have excellent customer service! Use the support link, which is in the members’ area and also on WarriorPlus receipt. 


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