Launches Friday, June 10th, 11 AM Eastern--Ends Monday, June 13th, Midnight

Join Us For Our New Launch...The Golden Goose Method!

From the desks of Lee Cole and Jeanne Kolenda,

The Golden Goose Method is our newest social posting training and DFY marketing product. You get everything you need to hit the ground running selling an easy-to-fulfill social posting service to businesses. In addition to all the graphics you need, the buyer also gets our training on our new system for getting 10 new clients in 30 days or fewer!

This is a complete "business-in-a-box." Buyers get everything they need to start an amazingly profitable social media posting service, including complete training on what to post, how to post, and how to get clients, along with all of the videos they'll ever need.

Introducing... The Golden Goose Method!

Your subscribers are going to love you for turning them on to this!

  • You make up to $100+ commission per sale throughout the entire funnel
  • Your subscriber makes $500 - $1000 per easy sale on an in demand service
  • No real "selling" required
  • Perfect for newbie marketers and experienced alike!

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The Product

The Golden Goose Method is both a training and DFY PLR product. The training shows buyers exactly how to get their first 10 clients in 30 days or fewer. This works worldwide! Buyers get everything they need, both training and content to post.

The Funnel

The Contest

The contest begins when the product launches and runs until midnight of the last launch day, eastern time. Please see the dates above! 

  • First Place: $300
  • Second Place: $100
  • Third Place: $50
  • Fourth Place: $25
  • Fifth Place: $25

Winners will be announced on the following day using WarriorPlus's affiliate contest stats. Net revenue per affiliate must at least match the affiliate's prize amount, otherwise, affiliate will be paid at the next level down.


10 New Clients in 30 Days?

10 New Clients in 30 Days

Your First 10 Clients in Only 30 Days!



Have you ever been guilty of making things harder than they need to be?

A lot harder?

I know I have!

Take getting clients for your marketing business.

A lot of folks get all tied up when it comes to getting clients. They buy fancy software, pay thousands for coaching, and end up in the same place they started. Nowhere!

What if I told you that you could solve all your client getting problems for less than I’m going to spend on lunch today?


Lee Cole and Jeanne Kolenda, two big-time marketers I’ve know for years now, have just released a new training product. It’s called The Golden Goose Method.

I just went through this and I’m blown away!

The Golden Goose Method is a super-simple system anyone can use to get their 10 first clients in 30 days or less. (If you’re an experienced marketer, you can pick up 10 new clients using this system, easy!)


What Lee and Jeanne teach in their new training is a complete no-brainer! Anyone can do this…once they know how!

And, it gets better!

Not only are they teaching you how to get clients, but Lee and Jeanne also are giving you everything you need to start and run a social media posting business.

Jeanne’s been doing this for over three years now. She has close to 200 clients paying her an average of $250 per month on autopilot. We’re talking recurring income, here!


Her business is super-simple. Anyone can do this. And, with Lee and Jeanne’s new Golden Goose training, getting clients for your own social media posting business will be as easy as picking up hundred-dollar bills off the sidewalk!

Right now, Lee and Jeanne’s new training and DFY graphics package, The Golden Goose Method, is on sale. That’s not lasting long! After the sale period, the price nearly doubles!

So, get this today!


One more thing…

People always ask me about otos.

There are only two.

OTO 1 is a done-for-you video graphics package. Jeanne doubles what she charges her clients when she includes videos. In OTO 1, you get a massive package of all the videos you need for any client!

OTO 2 is even more DFY graphics, plus the editable files for everything.

You don’t have to have the OTOs for this to work, but at the price they’re selling this for, you’d be crazy not to get them, if you can afford them.

Like I said, The Golden Goose Method is on sale for only a few days. Get in on this, today!


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Lee Cole

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