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Finally Revealed!...Our Radical, New Method for Building a 6-Fig Income Fast, Doing ZERO Traditional Selling!

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No cold-calling, no warm-calling, no talking to other people, no prospecting, no cold email, no warm email!
No hours spent laboring over social media!

No paid ads! No nothing! (This is totally new!)

  We're Finally Revealing Our “Secret,” DFY Method for Creating a Six-Figure Income Stream on Autopilot Without Ever Having to Do Any Traditional Selling!

No need to speak with anyone on the phone, ever again
No need to do in-person meetings or Zoom meetings
No need to do any traditional prospecting
Heck, you won't even have to do email marketing or direct physical mail, either...And, in case you're wondering, no paid ads of any sort!

  Before I Explain How We Can Make Such a Bold Promise, Let Me Introduce My Partner, Jeanne Kolenda, and Myself!

Lee Cole

Jeanne Kolenda

Hi! I'm Lee Cole! I’ve been making money online since 2007. In 2010, I quit my job (math teacher) and started my own agency selling SEO and other services to local businesses. The next year, 2011, I started creating training and coaching to help others, just like you, do the same. To date, I’ve coached thousands of people and sold tens of thousands of training products. I’ve helped God knows how many people build substantial incomes selling Internet marketing products and services to local businesses, and I can help you.

My partner, Jeanne Kolenda, has been a self-employed entrepreneur for over forty years. Like me, she discovered the idea of selling Internet marketing services to local business about ten years ago. Like me, she started selling SEO, but then, a few years ago, changed her business to focus on social media marketing. 

Here’s what you need to know about Jeanne. In just three years, she built a mid-six figure, fully automated social media marketing empire, which is so hands off she can spend most of her time traveling with her husband and two dogs. 

Okay so far? Now, focus on this!

A few months ago, I told Jeanne about a completely new way of building a business. A way which was automated and required no traditional interaction between seller and buyer. No prospecting, no sales presentations, no dealing with buyers…ever!

“Lee,” Jeanne said. “This sounds too good to be true!”

“Right? But, it’s not! Let me send you some more info.”

The next day, Jeanne called me back…it was like she had found the Holy Grail. 

“Why haven’t I been doing it like this the whole time?”

When I Opened My Eyes and Saw How Easy It Was to Build a Real Business Doing ZERO Traditional Selling, I Was Flabbergasted Because I Had Been Doing Things the Hard Way...For Years!

Actually, I was more than flabbergasted. I was angry!

Angry that I had made my own business so doggone difficult. Angry that I hadn’t understood this new way of doing things, so that I could help people like you learn to make real money selling to local businesses (which is my passion, btw—helping people just like you)!

Let's Get Down to Brass Tacks!

 Would you like to learn our new "no-sales" system? How about we set you up with a complete business, today? We’ll give you everything you need to sell, AND, we’re going to train you on our new way of building a business. 


There’s no cold calling, no warm calling, no prospecting of any kind…
No face-to-face selling, no selling on Zoom…
No email marketing or expensive direct mail…
No frustrating, endless hours on social media…
No paid ads…

This is an ENTIRELY NEW WAY of building a business that’s fully automated, and which takes only minutes per day!

Here's What You Need to Know!

Let me make this ultra-clear. Today, Jeanne and I are going to set you up with the following…

Exactly what to sell (social media posting—all new graphics for those of you who are “Jeanne fans.”) And, our new training on how to use our secret method for building a real business, FAST--no traditional selling or anything icky required.

Let's go over everything...


A Complete "Business-in-a-Box"

DFY Instant Agency is our new social media agency training and graphics package. You’re getting everything you need to start building a killer business doing automated social posting for local business clients. You also get our new training on our secret, no-sales system, and you also get a complete set of graphics to sell your clients

Please note: Unlike many of Jeanne’s social media posting graphic packages, the ones you’re getting today are generic. They can be used for any business on any platform at any time of year!

Let's Look at Everything You Get!...

60 Professionally Made Memes

You get the exact graphics Jeanne posts for her own clients. 60 in all. This is more than enough to take care of all your social posting needs. Jeanne uses the same graphics with every client. 

You can use these graphics for any business on any social media platform at any time of year.

If you were to have these made yourself, it would cost you over to $1,000!

Software Training for Automating Your Posting

In addition, you get complete training on what software to use for posting. The software is what automates the posting and makes this a virtually "hands off" business. The  software Jeanne uses is super inexpensive. You’ll never come out of pocket at all because your client pays you up front!

Training on Our Radical, New Way of Building a Business...No Icky Selling Required!

Of course, you get immediate access to our new course, DFY Instant Agency Profits! In this course, you’re going to learn a completely new way of building a business, FAST.

As I’ve said previously, there’s no cold calling, no emailing, no direct mail, no selling of any kind involved. No endless hours on social media. No paid ads. This is new, and it works like gang busters!

Getting Paid!

How you get paid using our new system is different from Jeanne's other trainings. It's massively easier, and there's nothing to set up. Of course, we train you on all of this in our new DFY Instant Agency Profits training.

You Also Get Entry into Jeanne's Amazing Facebook Social Posting Group

Jeanne's created a dynamic Facebook group for all her social media posting students. (Over 1100 students strong!) Getting invited into this group is worth way more than what you'll pay for this entire product!

In the group, you'll meet marketers at all levels. All are working on building their own social posting businesses. All are more than willing to help you when you need technical help, or even encouragement. 

This Is a Very Simple Business!

Jeanne's social media posting business has always been a very simple business to run. With our new way of doing things, we've made it even simpler! It's easy to set up and even easier to run. Basically, we've taken all of the stress out of building and running a sizeable business, FAST! 

How Would You Like to Have Jeanne’s Lifestyle?

Because of her social posting business, Jeanne and her husband, Leon, have money AND time! They spend most of their time traveling and seeing family. (Leon’s an amateur photographer.)

Recently, Jeanne and Leon have been to Sedona, Arizona, Big Bend National Park in Texas, and Nova Scotia. Where will they go next? No idea! But I do know that Jeanne and Leon are living a wonderful, rich life, thanks to her social posting business. 

Are You Ready to Build a Significant Income, and Have Massive Time Freedom, Just As Jeanne Has Done? Are You Ready to Learn a new, radically different and super-easy way to run a social media marketing business?

Before I show you the ridiculously low price on this, let's talk about the over $300 worth of money-making bonuses you get when you purchase, Today!

A $47 Value!

A $37 Value!

LinkedIn Success--A $57 Value!

LinkedIn Traffic Generation--A $57 Value!

A $47 Value!

A $37 Value!

Let's Summarize!

When you purchase DFY Instant Agency, today, you get everything you need to build an automated social media marketing business, FAST. You’ll be posting graphics to clients’ social media accounts. We give you everything you need, including a brand-new set of generic graphics, complete training on how to post them, and complete training on our new, painless way of getting clients. In addition, you’re going to get a ton of super-cool bonuses that will help you grow your new business. 

All you need to do today is hit one of the buy buttons on this sales page. You’ll be taken to our secure checkout. Once you pay, you’ll get access to everything via our secure members’ area. (We’ll send you an email. Please allow about 30 minutes for it to arrive, and if you can’t find it, please look in spam.)

Best of all, today you can get this entire package for only...

Are You Ready to Start Building the Business You've Always Wanted? If So, Just Click the Buy Button Above. You'll Be Taken to Our Secure Payment Processor (WarriorPlus and PayPal). Once You Pay, You'll Get an Access Email from Us With Your Login Credentials.

Please Note: All Sales Are Final. This is a PLR (Private Label Rights) Product!

Because DFY Instant Agency contains PLR (Private Label Rights) assets, we do not offer a money back guarantee. You see, we can’t take our images and other content back from you after you’ve downloaded it. We’re sure you wouldn’t be someone who would want to steal from us, but unfortunately there are a few people who would. You and I both are the victims of these few people. Having said that, we stand behind our products. When you get access, you’ll see your purchase in a members’ area. Everything will be there, just as the sales letter says. (If for some reason you don’t get your login from us, don’t panic. Just ticket us HERE, and we’ll take care of you.)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is DFY Instant Agency?

DFY Instant Agency is our newest social posting training and done for you graphics product. You get everything you need to hit the ground running selling an easy-to-fulfill social posting service to all types of businesses. And, you get our new training that's going to make getting clients a piece of cake. Remember, there's no cold calling, prospecting, selling, paid ads, social media marketing...None of that stuff! Clients will seek you out (and, no, it's not SEO-based, either!) 

What Is Social Posting and Why Do Businesses Need This?

Social posting is a “micro-service”. It’s the process of posting relevant content to a business’s social media pages, like their Facebook page or their Instagram account. Consistent Daily social posting can increase a business’s traffic, revenues, and profit by 20% to 50% in a short amount of time. The problem is, though, most businesses don’t have time to do the social posting themselves.

Is There Anything to Install and Do I Need a Website? 

There are no websites or software to install. You don’t even have to have a Facebook page or anything else as an example of what you’re selling. Jeanne already has example pages online. You’ll get access to these and you’re free to use them as examples when you’re speaking with potential clients.

I’m Really New…Can I Do This? 

Anyone, anywhere who has a willingness to put our teachings into action can do this. There’s nothing you have to master beforehand. As long as you’re an action taker, you’re going to be just fine.

Is This Just for the US? 

Not at all. All you need to do is to potentially change wording and spelling according to the type of English you speak. If you get the second OTO, you can get the PSD files of everything, and/or have it all translated into your own language. 

How Do I Actually Do the Posting? 

Short answer: software. To start out with, you can do your posting manually, but you’re soon going to grow into needing inexpensive, easy to use software. Don’t worry about that, though. Jeanne’s training shows you exactly what you need, and it’s amazingly inexpensive!

How Long Should It Take for Me to Start Seeing Real Money? 

Jeanne built her social posting business from zero clients to close to 100 clients in only two years. And, this isn’t the only business she runs! We can’t tell you exactly how long it’s going to take you. But, if you actually do the work, you’ll build a great business faster and easier than you ever thought possible, even if you’ve been struggling with other types of marketing businesses before.

What Skills Do I Need? 

All you need is a willingness to put our teachings into action. There are no real prerequisite skills needed.

Do You Have a Guarantee?

Because DFY Instant Agency contains PLR (Private Label Rights) assets, we do not offer a money back guarantee. 

What Is Your "Secret" Way of Getting Clients?

Of course, that's all part of this training, and we can't give that information away for free. Having said that, when I discovered this and told Jeanne about it, at first she was skeptical. Once she looked into it, though, she was firmly on board. What you're going to learn in this training will be a game-changer if you'll put it into practice. 

Jeanne and I Are Excited About Helping You Build a Real Business, FAST!

Jeanne Kolenda

Lee Cole

We’re honored and very excited about helping you finally build that business you’ve always dreamed about. Once you purchase, DFY Instant Agency, you’ll get an email with your login sent to your inbox. If you don’t receive that email immediately, please wait about 15 min. If it’s still not arrived, please let us know in support, HERE. Thank you for your trust in us!

PS:  DFY Instant Agency is our newest social posting training and DFY assets product. You get everything you need to hit the ground running selling an easy-to-fulfill social posting service to local businesses. .
PPS:  When you purchase today, besides great training and all the DFY graphics you need, you’re also going to get over $300 worth of amazing bonuses. FREE when you purchase, today!
PPPS:  We’ve put our hearts and souls into making this the single best thing you’ve probably ever bought. You get complete training on Jeanne’s social posting business, our new, painless way of getting clients, and also all of the content you need to create a massive social posting business, FAST! Buy today and get starting building the business of your dreams right now! Please make sure, however, you understand that all sales are final. We do not offer a money back guarantee on this. This product contains hundreds of dollars’ worth of PLR content, which you may use as your own. Once downloaded, there’s no way for you to return it to us.
PPPPS:  Your next step is to scroll up and click one of the Buy buttons and complete your purchase through our secure payment system. We can’t wait to see you on the inside! We’re both determined to help you build a massive business FAST!
PPPPPS:  We make zero income claims, nor do we make any claims on your success with this, or lack thereof. Income and pricing discussed in this sales letter is based on Jeanne's own business. You may have different results. 

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