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Wednesday, July 22nd
Noon Pacific Time
3 PM Eastern Time

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    Exactly how to get clients in today’s post-COVID world

    Things have changed since COVID and the lockdowns. A lot of marketers think that there are no clients to be had or that businesses aren’t hiring people like us to do marketing for them. This isn’t true! In this webinar, I’m going to show you exactly how I get more clients than I can deal with. (I even did this WHILE I personally had COVID-19!)

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    Exactly what kind of businesses to contact

    Post-COVID, there are definitely winners and losers. The businesses you need to contact aren’t the same ones as before the lockdowns. At first, I was striking out when it came to prospecting, but then I started do a lot of research into what businesses were thriving and which weren’t. If you’ll focus your attention on the winners instead of the losers, you can get more business than you can even manage. No one is contacting these people. Let me show you who they are!

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    My exact system for contacting these businesses

    I was sick with COVID for over two months. I needed to be able to run my business and land clients, I just couldn’t do it the old way. So, I developed a super easy, copy and paste, system that worked so well the first week I had to stop! I was getting too many appointments, and since I was sick, I couldn’t keep up with it all. On this FREE webinar, I’m going to show you my entire, copy and paste, system. No software to buy and nothing else required.

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    Exactly what to sell these businesses

    Businesses all have the issue of letting people know they are open and ready for business. You have to help them cut through the noise, find their audience, and let them know that, YES, they are open for business, and YES they can help the customer. Most businesses that I talk to lately all need the same types of things. And, they're very receptive when I talk to them about these specific services. Register for my webinar right now, and I'll tell you all about this and more for FREE!

Lee Cole

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