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Get as Many Clients as You Want, When You Want Them--Build a Huge List that Will Feed Your Business Year After Year--Get Control of Your Business and Your Income--Work a Lot Less, and Make a Lot More!

"Master This Easy to Learn Skill, and It Will Change Your Business and Your Life, FOREVER!"

Lee Cole

Hi Lee,

I just want to say WOW??! YOUR PROGRAM IS THE REAL DEAL !!! I have completed only ¼ of the program and I already have a client. Thanks Lee.

Best regards,


I quit my last job in the summer of 2010. The next day, I had an $800 check in my hand from my first big client. That client paid me thousands over the next year. After quitting my job, it took me only three months to equal my pay from my last job. In six months, I doubled it.

I didn’t have email scrapers. I didn’t go to network meetings. I didn’t use expensive direct mail. Social media wasn’t that big of a deal back then. I did none of the things that you’ve probably been taught to do.

I did something that no one teaches you to do.

Lee reveals the “secret” I wish I already know. Best of all, I got my first client in one week! I highly recommend Lee Cole’s course!

Liza L.

See that thing there? That's a phone. That right there is the only thing you need to build a six-figure business fast. Well, you need that and the knowledge of how to use it!

I’ve got some news for you if you want to start or build up a real local marketing business.

You MUST learn how to sell using the phone!

Here’s what’s cool…Learning to sell on the phone is actually very easy, if you’re taught right.

Why People Struggle with Local Marketing

I’ve trained people just like you to do local marketing since 2011. The single biggest reason most folks struggle with this is they don’t know how to sell.

More specifically, they don’t know how to sell using the  phone (or Skype or Zoom, etc)!

I kid you not. If you’re skilled at using your phone for sales, for finding prospects and closing them on your deal, you will not struggle at all with this business.

This business is easy for people who have phone selling skills.

I could go into all the marketing and psychological reasons for this, but do yourself a favor. Just believe me.  (I’ll show you some proof below.)

I purchased and went through all of your videos. You are right. This training is life changing. Sonya Vickars

Exactly What Learning How to Sell Using Your Phone Will Do for You!

If you’re willing to learn how to sell using your phone, you’ll reap all of these benefits and more!

You’ll be able to…

  • Get as many clients as you want, whenever you want
  • Laser target specific niches and/or specific geographic areas
  • Build a huge list of real potential clients, FAST!
  • Only target businesses that have a very high probability of becoming clients
  • Work less, make more
  • Get over your fear of selling

Here’s the Only Question

Do You Really Want to Be Successful in Local Marketing?

If so, you’re going to have to learn to sell using the phone.

If You’re Avoiding Selling Using the Phone You’re Screwing Up!

Most people who are not professionally trained sales people assume businesses don’t like to be called by sales people.

Guess what? That’s absolutely WRONG!

Check out these stats from the Rain Group, one of the world’s top corporate sales training companies.

  • 82% of buyers accepted meetings when salespeople reached out to them initially by phone
  • 69% of buyers accepted a call from a new salesperson in the past 12 months
  • 71% of buyers WANT to hear from sales people EARLY IN THE BUYING PROCESS

Let me break this down for you.

Business owners and managers WANT to hear from you. They need the service you’re selling. And, reaching out to them by phone will result in you selling much more, much faster than any other method of selling.

I can sit down in my office chair at 9 AM in the morning and by lunch have at least one new client for my business! Furthermore, I can use my phone (or Skype or Zoom) and easily double my revenue from most clients I close.

Here’s What You Can Achieve If You Have Phone Selling Skills...

  • You can land at least one new client per day
  • You’ll be able to 2x, 3x, or even 4x your income just by making one quick call to your client
  • Clients will be pre-sold
  • Your close ratio is going to skyrocket!
  • You’re finally going to be in control of your income and your business

Introducing Clients Now! How to use the phone to get more clients than you ever dreamed of, easier and faster than you ever dreamed possible, even if you’re so introverted the idea of ever speaking with another human being makes your skin crawl.

Clients Now! Is my new, phone-based, sales training. You’re going to learn the pro-level, insider secrets of professional, six-figure sales people. You know, the kind who can pick up the phone and just a few hours later, have yet another fat, juicy client!

In this new training, I teach you all the skills you need...

  • How to use the phone for rapid prospecting
  • How to close even the most hostile of sellers on the phone, Skype, or Zoom
  • How to build your business at will
  • How to use your phone to upsell at least half your clients into major packages that cost 10x whatever they just bought from you
  • How to never, ever fear the phone again
  • How to create a killer sales script for phone prospecting and phone selling
  • How to make your prospects love you just by using a pro-level trick of your voice. (I discovered this years ago.)
  • How to create instant rapport and trust with your prospective client. Again, just through using the sound of your voice.
  • How to fill your sales funnel with more real prospects than you’ll ever need.
  • How to spend only one week per month and get all the clients you need.
  • How to build an email list of high-ticket buyers, FAST!
  • How to never, ever have to prospect again within six months to a year!

Are You In?

When you purchase Clients Now!, you'll get immediate access to the replays of our live webinar series. In these webinar replays, I’m going to show you exactly how my system works and exactly how to to sell and prospect using your phone, how you can use these skills to get clients right freakin' now, and how to build a huge business FAST! It doesn’t matter exactly what you sell. If you apply my Clients Now! training, you're going to build your business blindingly FAST! Even if you're a complete newbie, or phone and sales phobic!

Let’s Summarize

Clients Now! is the replays of my new, webinar-based training that shows you how to use the most powerful tool in a professional salesperson's arsenal, the phone. You'll be able to prospect like a pro, find hungry potential clients, and close them fast. Doesn't matter what you sell, either! If you don't know the skills I'm going to teach you in this series, you are seriously handicaping yourself!

This is a limited-time special offer. No refunds and/or rebuys allowed. If you don't think you want it, don't get it.

To Your Best Success!

Lee Cole