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Local Freelance Funding Formula

Mike Paul’s new training, Local Freelance Funding Formula, is easily the most creative, out-of-the-box, and no-brainer trainings I’ve seen in the offline marketing space in years! 
Basically, Mike gets paid to refer business owners to short-term (legit) business funding sources. Not only does he get paid, but he gets paid A LOT! This isn’t really selling at all. It’s as simple as asking someone if they need any sort of short term financing and passing their name and number on to the funding source. 
In Mike’s training, he shows you everything you need to get rolling with this. How to find potential business owner clients, what to say, who to refer them to. 
This is a truly easy way to build up a really nice income for doing virtually no work at all! 
Jump on this today!

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Service Contractor Marketing Confidential

Jim Mack’s new Service Contractor Marketing Confidential is awesome! What you’re looking at is a cutting-edge method of getting your local business client listed in the coveted 3-pack. Jim’s got an awesome method that he calls the “Dog Pile” method. Not only that, but he’s also got a ton of ways for you to easily get clients doing this! You can do this from anywhere. And, even newbies can easily do this. 

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WP Review Machine

Reputation management for local businesses is one of the single best ways to create a killer recurring income from just a few clients that exists! Businesses desperately need your services, and they’re very willing to pay for it. 
With Neil and Rob’s new plugin and training, you’ll have everything you need to get clients fast, too! 
Click one of the links in this description to check out WP Review Machine today and get my cool selection of cutting edge bonuses!

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[PLR] 2018 Top Online Directories

An online directories listing and managing service is without doubt one of the best “foot in the door” services you can offer businesses. If you want to get started with this, look no further than this great PLR (private label rights) sales and marketing materials that my buddy, Drew Laughlin, just launched! I use Drew’s stuff in my own business, and highly recommend it! Oh…also…if you buy this today through my link (above and below), you’ll get a ton of cool, money making bonuses, including my own direct mail sales letter that I use myself in my own business, and my own sales presentation. Get this today and start profiting!

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Easy Invoicing Pro

Easy Invoicing Pro is a must have piece of software for your local marketing, or business consulting business. It does everything you need done without extraneous, confusing details. I LOVE PayPal, but Easy Invoicing Pro is much, much easier to use than PayPal’s invoicing dashboard. You can send out various types of invoices, including recurring invoices. You can keep up with clients and products you sell. And much, much more! Watch this video and see Easy Invoicing Pro in action!  
Click this next link to take a look at the sales letter and see if Easy Invoicing Pro is for you! Also, check out all our sweet bonuses below! 

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Local Funnel Builder

Local Funnel Builder is one of the coolest pieces of software I’ve seen in quite some time! It’s really easy to use, and it creates stunning looking local funnels, which you can use with your clients either as giveaways or front end products. Actually, there are tons of ways to use this…only limited by imagination! 
Click this next link to take a look at the sales letter and see of Local Funnel Builder is for you! Also, check out all our sweet bonuses below! 

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Realtor Profit Pro

Tom, Nick, and Bruce’s new software and training, Real Estate Profit Pro just flat out rocks! They’ve perfected a really “stealth” system for making immediate income, and also building recurring income out of real estate agents and real estate companies. 
Watch my video above, and I explain the whole thing!
Get this today while it’s on early bird sale! 

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Maps Biz-In-A-Box

Jack Hopman’s new Maps Biz-In-A-Box is a really cool twist on selling Google My Business services to local businesses. Basically, using Jack’s system, you sell the business training on Google My Business, then you come back and sell them a done-for-you service. 
I love this way of selling services to local businesses. Sell the “how”, then sell the done-for-you. And, I do this myself! Jack’s system flat out works. He’s not one of these guys who just creates stuff like this to sell. Jack walks the talk. He’s the real deal, and in Maps Biz-In-A-Box, Jack’s revealing one of his best kept secrets. 
One more thing…not only do you get training, but you get a complete portal (website) that you can use in your business for selling this. The portal collects money, delivers the product, everything. It’s a true Business In A Box! And, it’s going to lead to massive back end Google My Business sales for you. 
Get this today while its on early bird sale!

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Site Speed Profits Bonus Walk Through

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