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Are you ready to learn a proven method for building a sizeable, “laptop lifestyle” local marketing business, FAST? I’ve been selling marketing services to businesses since 2010, and I’ve been training people just like you how to do this amazing business since 2011. If you want to have real success, get this training, today!

Lee Cole

Here’s what you’re going to learn in this webinar replay series!

  • How to do targeted marketing
  • How to get only the right prospects on your list
  • How to use automation to find and pre-sell the top prospects
  • How to build a solid relationship with these prospects so they think of you as the “go-to” person for what you’re selling
  • How to get people to raise their hands and call you or email you asking for your help
  • How to only speak with people when they’re already pre-sold and ready to buy
  • How to do a “non-salesy” sales presentation that has an astonishingly high conversion rate
  • How to structure your offerings into front-end, add-ons, and recurring upsells
  • How to break your service apart and figure out what to fulfill and who’s going to do the fulfillment
  • How and when to use automation in fulfillment
  • How to double your revenue from at least 50% of your front end sales
  • How to get an astonishing percentage of your front end sales to end up buying your recurring service
  • How to structure your business so that it’s scalable without having to rebuild it from scratch
  • How to sell more and make more money faster and easier than you ever thought possible all while only working the equivalent of part-time

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Lee Cole