Say What?

Did Your Mother Drop You On Your Head?

You didn't take us up on our Beach Money Upgrade, which will give you everything you need to turn your entire business over to outsourcers.


So, how about Gloria and I make you a whale of a deal? We'll slash the price on this. You'll get the same training and same cheet sheets. But you won't get to be on Gloria's Be the Boss webinar live with us. You'll get the replay only!

You can have all of this, today, for only...

Let's go over exactly what you get...

Introducing Our Beach Money Upgrade!

How would you like to have outsourcers running your entire business? That’s actually what Gloria does. Her entire Beach Money business is run by outsourcers.

In our Beach Money Upgrade, we give you complete training on how to find, hire, and train inexpensive outsourcers to run your Beach Money business for you. 

This isn’t theory. Gloria has had outsourcers work for her for over ten years now. She knows how to hire and train them so that they do all the work and she makes massive bank! 

Please note: We’re not talking about exploiting anyone. We’re talking globalization! Gloria’s outsourcers get paid very well for their part of the world. 

Here's What You Get When You Purchase Our Beach Money Upgrade, Today!

Gloria’s proven training on how to hire outsourcers. This is an 8 module course that teaches you everything you need to know. Everything from where to find the best workers to how to hire them to how much to pay and how to manage your outsourcers. 

In addition, you also get templates and handouts that cover all aspects of the hiring and training of your outsourcers. 

This includes... 

The best sites for finding the right outsourcers
Where and how to post for workers
Gloria's own cheat sheet she uses to manage outsourcers successfully
Daily tracking sheets to track your outsourcers' productivity
Interview question cheat sheets for hiring
Product delivery template and offer email templates for hiring

And you get the replay of Gloria's amazing, Be the Boss, webinar training!

Everything you need to find, hire, and manage highly productive outsourcers is in this new training and package.
 This is webinar-based training where Gloria is going to show you all her tips, tricks, and techniques for getting the most out of her outsourcers and maximizing profits. 

This is NOT TO BE MISSED! Gloria is a master at hiring outsourcers. Learn her tricks on this webinar, and you can have that Beach Money business you've been dreaming about, easily! 

You can get everything on this page, Gloria's training, templates, and cheet sheets, AND access to Gloria's new "Be the Boss" training for a one-time payment of only...

One more thing...

If you want your new outsourcer to start paying off, FAST, take us up on our BUMP offer. This is another 5k leads that they can use to get your gigs tons of the right traffic, FAST!

Of course, it’s guaranteed like all our other stuff. 7 days from the date of sale, just let us know you want a refund, and we’ll cheerfully refund all your money!


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