How would you like to sell a service with ZERO competition—one that sells itself—that’s super easy to outsource—that will have a massive impact on your client’s bottom line—and that you can easily turn into a monthly recurring income?

     If this interests you, let me introduce a brand-new concept in local business and social media marketing...The AudioBite!

Hi! I'm Lee Cole!

In 2010, I kissed my last job good bye and launched a very successful business as a digital marketing consultant. A year later, I started teaching others how to do the same. I’ve helped thousands of people learn to make real money online, even if they have virtually no sales or technical skills. 

For the past five years, my main focus with my clients has been various forms of content marketing, including social media marketing. 

I’m really excited about this new product Shirley Hayes and I have put together for you. It’s an easy way you can get in on the huge audio content marketing wave. 

We’re both looking forward to helping you build that business you’ve always dreamed of!

So, Back to AudioBites. This is an AudioBite!...

Click to Play!

An AudioBite is content in audio form. Just like a blog post is content in written form, an image is content in graphic form, or a video is content in video form. 

AudioBites can be used wherever written, graphic, or video content is used—on your or your client’s website, on social media, on audio only platforms, even on video platforms when you combine the audio with a still picture for the video.

Audio marketing is hot and getting hotter!

 Last year saw explosive growth in the use of audio by consumers. Half of US homes listen to podcasts every month…half of these have household incomes over $75k per year

A quarter of US homes have a smart speaker
Audio marketing for businesses is growing rapidly…according to Research and Marketing (a company that tracks this stuff), audio advertisement spending topped $100 billion in 2019. This surge is driven by the Internet!

Audio creates instant “Know, Like, and Trust" with listeners. Much better than text. Even better than video! It sneaks through people's psychological barriers and quickly creates an amazing, trusting bond with the listener.

Want an example of that? Play this next AudioBite!

   Audio gives listeners a sense of connection far greater than any other media. No wonder audio marketing is taking the world by storm! 

Before I get into the details on how you can build a real income selling easy-to-create AudioBites to businesses, let me introduce my partner, Shirley Hayes.

Meet Shirley Hayes!

  Shirley Hayes is an Audio Marketing expert with over 20 years in radio working in the largest most competitive markets in the US, including Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles and nationally via XM Satellite radio.

Her expertise in the audio marketing space comes from her experience as both an on air personality and radio management as a Program Director.

Shirley is a true radio industry professional working on both sides of the microphone as talent and in upper-level management. 

Today, Shirley runs her own audio marketing agency where she helps businesses and entrepreneurs leverage the amazing power of audio to reach their markets and make more sales at a very cost effective price!

Working Together, Shirley and I Have Put Together a Complete Training and DFY Sales Asset Product That Gives You Everything You Need To Build Your Own Business (Or Side Income) Selling AudioBites (marketing audios) to Local Businesses and Other Types of Businesses. 

Introducing Audio Marketing Riches!

  Audio Marketing Riches is a training + DFY sales asset product that gives you everything you need to sell AudioBites to high-ticket clients. AudioBite marketing can be used for local businesses and a variety of other entrepreneurs and solopreneurs like authors, speakers, musicians, and other types of influencers. 

Audio is the future of marketing!

Now’s the time to get on board this brand-new trend!

With Audio Marketing Riches,You Get Everything You Need to Start a Mega-Profitable Business (Or Side Income) Selling AudioBites. Let's Take a Look Inside!

Training Webinars and Office Hours

  You get two live training webinar and two "office hour" sessions on Zoom. The office hours are for more personalized help and instruction. Everything will be recorded and put in your members area.

Webinar 1 The Basic Steps to Promoting on Social Media, Finding Customers & Selling AudioBites as a Service

How to use social media to find clients
How to create your own AudioBites for your marketing
How to use Shirley's proven graphic memes and informational articles to generate prospects and land clients--Everything is included with the product--No need to purchase anything else!
The easy way to sell AudioBites as a service to businesses and individual entrepreneurs
How to turn your new clients into monthly revenue streams

Webinar 2 How to Get the Best Audio Experience From Your Customer (live Walkthrough)

How to use free software to record your clients' AudioBites
Ideas for the best AudioBite topics
How to record the AudioBite session, even if your client (and you) hates recording their own voice--Don't worry, Shirley will get you over this and show you how to make your clients at ease
How to edit and deliver the AudioBite files to your client
How to set yourself up for monthly revenue

Office hour sessions are scheduled for the day following each webinar. This is where you can ask questions and get individualized help from Shirley.

Complete Video Course

Module 1 - Finding and Landing Clients

How to personalize the PowerPoint sales presentation. (The same one Shirley uses every day!)
How to use free software, Zoom, for your sales presentations

Module 2 - Booking Clients Through a Free Calendly Account

How to set up Calendly for your business
How to send client information through Calendly so they can get prepared for their recording session
How to connect your free Zoom account to your free Calendly account
How to see your bookings and more tips and tricks with integrating Calendly and Zoom

Module 3 - Getting Paid

Pros and cons of various types of PayPal accounts
How to invoice and get paid via PayPal

Module 4 - Setting Up Your Free Zoom Account

How to set up a new Zoom account (or change an old one to proper settings)
Complete overview of the entire Zoom platform
How to set up a Zoom meeting with a client or prospective client
How to begin a Zoom meeting with a client and get them successfully into the software

Module 5 - The Recording Session

How to prep both you and your client for the recording session
How to record the audio session with Zoom
How and where to save your recording
Over the shoulder, mock recording session training with Shirley
How to convert and edit your audio file
How to record using Squadcast--Zoom is free, Squadcast is $20/mo--Either will work fine
How to record using Squadcast--Zoom is free, Squadcast is $20/mo--Either will work fine

Module 6 - How to Edit the Recording

How to edit with Audacity (free)
How to edit with Descript (also free)
How and to save and package the final, edited version
How to deliver the final version to the client

Module 7 - Using the Graphics and Downloads that Come with This Product

How to personalize the documents, PDFs, and graphics that come with the product using free software
How to personalize everything using Adobe Acrobat

  All the Marketing Materials You Need to Easily Get Clients!

Shirley finds her clients using social media. She does this through her own content marketing. She uses her own AudioBites, of course. And, she also uses blog posts and articles, along with graphic memes. 

When you purchase AudioBites from us today, you’re going to get 25 social media posts, all about audio marketing, along with a fantastic, professionally made selection of 25 quote graphics (most people call these memes). 

In addition, you’re going to get a complete selection of PDFs to use with your client covering the recording session and how to use the AudioBites they get from you in their own marketing. You’re also getting Shirley’s own PowerPoint sales presentation. And, cheat sheets covering everything. 

That’s a ton of stuff. Let’s list it!

25 blog style articles (post these on your website or social media)
25 graphic memes (post these also on your website or social media)
Complete set of PDFs covering all aspects of working with clients during the recording session and showing the client how to use AudioBites in their marketing efforts
Shirley’s own PowerPoint sales presentation 
Cheat sheets covering everything (no skill required on your part) 

Yes, This Is a Ton of Training and Marketing Materials, All Aimed at Teaching You How to Build and Run a Business Selling AudioBites and Other Related Audio Marketing Services!

I bet you’re thinking you’ll have a pay a fortune for all of this cutting-edge training and DFY marketing materials. 

Far from it! 

Shirley and I are determined to help as many people as we can break free and build businesses and side incomes with audio marketing. 

Today, you can get all of this for only…

Buying Audio Marketing Riches Should Be a No-Brainer. Just In Case You Need Some Incentive, When You Purchase Today, You Get Over $300 Of Killer, Money-Making Bonuses! Let's Take a Look a These...

Jump start your new audio marketing business using Shirley's "been there, done that" tips and tricks. There's nothing like learning from someone who's done it. The webinar will be recorded and put in the members area, if you can't make it live...This is a $97 Value!

In Addition, You Get Over $200 Worth of Money-Making Training, All for FREE!


Ever wonder which niches are better than others? Who’s easy to sell to? Where’s the BIG money? In SEARCHING FOR THE PERFECT NICHE, you learn pro-level tips and tricks for finding the best niche for your business...A $47 Value!


Doesn't matter if you're a social media marketer, local business consultant, or online marketer. You need to know how to get visitors to websites! In this training, you learn up-to-date skills for creating more traffic....A $57 Value!


This is a great training on how to turn any website into a cash machine. Covers online as well as local business marketing. Add this knowledge to your collection!...A $47 Value!


Speaking of traffic! If you want higher search engine rankings and more organic traffic, this is the training for you. Learn and implement, then watch your traffic (and income) grow!...A $37 Value!


WordPress is great, but to make it really effective, there's quite a lot to add to it. In this training, you'll learn exactly what to add to your site to make it look sharper and run smoother!...A $57 Value!


How about a whole training on how to write emails that convert? You can use this skill for your own business, and you can easily sell your expertise to clients. Add this to your arsenal, today!...A $47 Value!

You're Looking at Over $300 Worth of Cutting-Edge, Money-Making Training. Yours Today, When Your Purchase Audio Marketing Riches!

Of Course, Everything Is Completely Guaranteed!

We offer a complete, seven-day, no questions asked, money back guarantee. If for any reason you change your mind, just let us know. We’ll cheerfully refund your money!

Still Not Sure? Check Out Our FAQs. If You Don't Find the Answer to Your Question, Please Ask Us In Support, Here! 

What is Audio Marketing Riches?

Audio Marketing Riches is our new training + DFY marketing materials product that shows you how to break into the super-hot world of audio marketing. Specifically, you’ll learn how to sell and create audio content units called AudioBites. AudioBites are to audio marketing what blog potss are to text-based marketing. They’re “bites” of audio content.

What is Audio Marketing and Why Is It So Important?

Audio marketing is to audio (sound) what blogging or article marketing is to text, or image-based marketing is to images. Online, we’ve been using text articles, images, and videos for years now. Audio marketing is just the inclusion of content that’s in an audio file. 

What Is an AudioBite?

An AudioBite is a piece of audio content. Just as a blog article is a piece of written content, or a YouTube style video is a piece of video content, an AudioBite is a piece of audio content. This content can be anything—information, instructions, education, entertainment, opinion. 

Do I Need Any Skills?

The few skills you need are the ones Shirley teaches in the course. If you’re techphobic, or just don’t like tech (I don’t), don’t worry. The level of tech know-how is low. As far as getting clients, Shirley’s going to show you exactly what she does. It’s all done on social media. Just do what she does, and you’re golden!

Do I Need a Website or Anything Else?

The short answer is no. The longer answer is you’re probably going to want to do audio marketing for yourself and use Shirley’s training to create your own AudioBites. Audio marketing works amazingly well. Use it!

I’m Really New…Can I Do This?

Yes! Read the rest of the FAQs. Anyone who’s willing to take a few hours to go through Shirley’s course and training can do this. 

Is This Just for the US?

Fabulous question! This works anywhere. It’s not a US thing, or even an English language thing. It’s going to work in France, Germany, Bahrain, Indonesia…Anywhere where people have access to the Internet!

How Long Should It Take for Me to Start Seeing Real Money?

This is the one I can’t answer. If you just download the materials and don’t watch the training, then you’re unlikely to ever make this work. If, however, you put effort in, this should work for you. Your real goal is to follow Shirley’s training and implement it. 

Is This Guaranteed?

Sure. Seven days, no questions asked. Just let us know in support that you want a refund, and we’ll happily give it to you. Here’s the support link. DO NOT OPEN A PAYPAL DISPUTE JUST TO GET A REFUND! I give anyone who asks a refund. I really don’t want your money if you’re not satisfied. 

What Should I Do Next?

If you think this is for you, just click one of the buy buttons on this sales letter, and you'll be taken to our secure payment processor. You can pay with PayPal or a credit or debit card. Once you pay, we'll send you a welcome email with your login instructions. 

Let's Summarize...

Audio Marketing Riches is our new training + DFY marketing materials product that shows you how to break into the super-hot world of audio marketing. Specifically, you’ll learn how to sell and create audio content units called, AudioBites. AudioBites are to audio marketing what blog posts are to text-based marketing. They’re “bites” of audio content. 

The content in an AudioBite can be anything. Businesses use these on their websites, social media sites, audio platforms, and more. You can put the AudioBite with a picture of a still image and you’ll have a video, which you can post on YouTube. 

Shirley Hayes runs her own audio marketing agency working with a variety of businesses and entrepreneurs. She sells small packages (five or ten, according to the market) of AudioBites for $499. She has quite a few clients who pay her monthly to do audio marketing for her. 

Audio is the next big thing in marketing. Don’t get left behind. Get Audio Marketing Riches Today!

Shirley and I are really looking forward to teaching you about audio marketing and how you can build a significant business doing this stuff. 

To Your Best Success, Lee Cole and Shirley Hayes

PS: Audio Marketing Riches is our new training + DFY marketing materials product that shows you how to break into the super-hot world of audio marketing. Specifically, you’ll learn how to sell and create audio content units called AudioBites. AudioBites are to audio marketing what blog potss are to text-based marketing. They’re “bites” of audio content.

PPS: When you purchase Audio Marketing Riches today, besides all the great training and DFY sales materials, you're also getting over $300 worth of cool bonuses that you can use to accelerate your success. All for FREE when you purchase, today!

PPPS: Of course, it's all guaranteed with our iron-clad, seven day, no questions asked guarantee. Just let us know in support, and we'll happily refund your money. 

PPPPS: Your next step is to scroll up to one of the Buy Buttons and complete your purchase through our secure payment system. Shirley and I can't wait to see you on the inside. We're determined to help you build a massive business, FAST!

PPPPPS: We make zero income claims, nor do we make any claims about your success with this, or lack thereof. Any income or pricing discussed in this sales letter is based on Shirley's own business. You may have different results. 

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