You didn't want the 6 professionally-made audiograms, the complete training on how to personalize them, the AI content training, and the training on easily getting clients from sites like Clubhouse?

How about Shirley and I make you a deal no sane person would refuse. We'll give you all the training, and 3 of the DFY audiograms for a fraction of the price. You can get all this today for only...

You still get three BIG things with this upgrade that are going to massively affect your success!

Advanced DFY marketing assets and training

Shirley's advanced marketing training and DFY sales assets will do all the selling for you. No cold calling. No icky selling. No direct mail. No cold email!

How to use advanced AI to create marketing content for your client

Shirley uses advanced (yet inexpensive) AI platforms to create tons of new audio content for her clients. She autoposts this content to social media sites and gets paid monthly for this service.

How to find the best clients on audio-only networks

Shirley gets all her clients from social media sites, especially from audio-only social networking sites like Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces. She uses low-stress, non-salesy techniques and lands more clients than she needs!

You still get advanced marketing techniques and DFY assets

Shirley gets all her clients from social media. One of her “secret weapons” is what’s called an Audiogram. (Audiograms are hybrid audio/videos.) 

In this upgrade, you’re going to get 3 professionally-made Audiograms. (See below!) These are exactly what Shirley uses in her own business. 

In addition, you’re getting complete training on how to personalize the Audiograms and how to post them on social networking sites. 

And (This is new and cutting-edge), how to use audio social networking sites like Clubhouse, Twitter Spaces, and others to land new clients with no selling, no cold calling, nothing remotely “yucky”!

These Professionally-Made Audiograms Do Your Marketing For You! (You Get 3 With This Upgrade Along With Instructions On How to Personalize Them for Your Business. )

You still get AI (artificial intelligence) marketing training

In this upgraded version of the training, you’re going to learn how to use advanced (but very inexpensive) AI (artificial intelligence) voice software to take your clients’ written text and turn that into audio. Shirley uses these audios as AudioBites, which she posts to her clients’ social media and elsewhere. 

You'll still learn how to find clients on sites like Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces!

Have you heard of Clubhouse, or any of the other audio-only social networks? Shirley uses these networks to get clients for her audio marketing business. And, she’s going to teach you how to do the same. Once you know how to do this, it's super-simple. Also, there's no cold calling, no "selling", and hardly any marketing required. Just follow Shirley's lead, and you'll be building your business FAST!

Let's Recap

In this upgrade, you get all of the following! 

     3 Audiograms you can use on social media to land clients
Complete training on how to personalize these Audiograms
Complete training on using AI to create audio content for your client
Complete training on how to easily land clients using audio-only social networks like Clubhouse, Twitter Spaces, and others

This is an enormous about of DFY marketing assets and cutting-edge training all for the low price of...

Of course it's guaranteed!

Same seven-day, no questions asked guarantee as all our products. Just let us know in support that you want a refund, and we'll process it within 24 hours. 

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