Didn’t want Shirley’s live coaching? How about we make you an incredible deal? You can get the replays of all the coaching sessions and all the downloads created during the coaching for a fraction of the price. The coaching runs over a 3-week period. Once the course is complete, we’ll put the replays in the members area for you. You’ll have complete access to them as well as any other materials created during the course. 

You can get all this for only…

Premium, Affordable Coaching Replays!

Scale Up and Go Big!

(Automation, outsourcing, what platforms to choose, expert advice on equipment, and more!)

How would you like to have Shirley herself coach you as you build your new audio business? She’s been in the audio profession for decades. She’s built her own agency. She can help you do the same. 

Our Scale Up and Go Big! training is a series of 3 webinars with Shirley. On these webinars she’s covering the following…

How to create different types of audio packages to sell
How to establish yourself as an expert
How to turn your audio business into a monthly, recurring income
How to outsource virtually everything
What tools to use to automate your business
How to choose the right marketing platform for your business
Advanced instruction on audio equipment

This is group, webinar-based instruction. Your webinar replays and any materials created during the course will be put in the members area after the last live class.  If you were going to hire Shirley to teach you this one-on-one, it would run you thousands of dollars. 
You can get the replays for this amazing coaching, today, for only…

Guaranteed for seven days from the date of purchase, just like all our products.

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