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From the desk of Lee Cole,

The Perfect Recurring-Income Online Business!

If you’re tired of systems that don’t work, sales letters that overpromise and underdeliver, and methods that are either too skills-based or too costly to have immediate success with, you’re in the right place! 

My colleague and friend, Gloria Gunn, has built multiple six and seven-figure marketing businesses over the years. In this short sales letter, we want to tell you about one of Gloria's main income streams, press release marketing for attorney firms. (This is all powered by AI.)

Press releases are one of the easiest services you can sell to local businesses, and attorney firms are one of the easiest clients to sell to. We'll explain the whole thing, but before we do, let me introduce Gloria!

Meet Gloria Gunn

My good friend, and long-time business associate, Gloria Gunn is a proven serial entrepreneur. After having built three businesses focused on social media marketing, SEO, and marketing software, Gloria jumped into artificial intelligence (AI) and quickly created yet another multi-six-figure income stream. 

Her business sells high-end content to CEO and C-Suite level clients. 

She writes none of the content herself.

Her entire business is completely powered by off-the-shelf, free or inexpensive, easily available AI platforms. 

Gloria makes thousands of dollars per month per client for content that is written by free and inexpensive AI writers!

Press Releases Are the Perfect Monthly Recurring Income Product!

Attorney firms need a steady flow of new clients in order to survive and grow. Attorneys and firm managers already know this. Attorney firms are also very familiar with using press releases in their marketing. That's why it's so easy to sell firms on a monthly press release service!

Why Press Releases Are Such a Great Service to Sell to Attorney Firms!

Press releases are super easy to sell to attorney firms for big bucks. These types of businesses are used to paying a lot for advertising, they're in a very competitive industry, and attorneys already like and trust press releases as marketing tools.

Attorneys already like and understand the power of press releases
Most attorney firms already use press releases in their marketing efforts
Small to medium-sized firms have trouble getting press releases written and published because they don’t have in-house marketing divisions

Firms need press releases for a variety of reasons…to release news about personnel, to educating the public about their areas of specialization, to releasing news about law suits 

Press releases can help small to medium-sized firms compete with larger firms
Press releases help firms get clients--They also help manage a firm’s branding 
Finally, press releases are great for the firm’s website SEO. Law related keywords for paid advertising are super expensive

Press Release Marketing for Attorneys Is Super Cost-Effective Compared with Other Types of Advertising Like Pay-Per-Click!

Check Out This Screenshot from Google's Keyword Planning Tool!

Attorneys can spend tens of thousands of dollars per month on pay-per-click campaigns. Just one click on a personal injury law keyword in a major US city can cost upwards of $200. That’s $200 PER CLICK! 

Compared with the cost of pay-per-click campaigns, spending $1000 to $2000 per month for a well-written press release is a complete no-brainer! 

Gloria’s proven email templates take advantage of the fact that attorneys are already sold on the value of press releases! All you have to do is follow Gloria’s easy instructions, copy and paste, and start landing real clients faster and easier than you ever thought possible! 

A Press Release Marketing Business for Attorney's Is a Very Simple Business to Run!

All you need is a laptop and our new training. Nothing else required!

You don't need anything else!...

No website
No paid advertising
No cold calling
No direct mail
No previous sales experience or training
No icky selling
No previous business experience
You don't even have to speak with anyone, if you don't want to

You just need a few hours to go through Gloria's amazing training and the willingness to implement what you've learned. 

Do this, and you'll start building a real business faster and easier than you ever believed possible, even if you've never had any luck with similar programs in the past! 

Are you ready to build the business you've always wanted? If so, you're in luck!

Welcome to our new, never before taught system,
AI Press Release Profit$ -- Attorney Version!...

AI (artificial intelligence) does all the get all the profits!

AI Press Release Profit$ -- Attorney Version is our new training that shows you exactly how Gloria makes $1000 to $2000 per month per client selling press releases written by AI software to attorney clients. 

In our training Gloria is giving you her entire system, including...

Gloria's targeted "Email Attack” system: If you can copy and paste Gloria’s proven template into a FREE Gmail account and send out just 10 emails a day, five days a week, you’ll land clients faster and easier than you ever thought possible!

Gloria's proven client onboarding strategy that turns these new clients into monthly recurring income: Gloria's easy-to-implement client onboarding strategy is both powerful and sneaky. Over 80% of her press release clients happily sign up for her year-long press release service. This is how she gets $1000 to $2000 per client per month so easily! 
Gloria's "quick and dirty" client research strategy: Gloria spends only 5 minutes a day researching potential clients before she emails them. She only approaches potential clients who have a history of using press releases in their marketing. 
Gloria's proven AI writing strategy: Gloria uses AI software to write her press releases. Clients LOVE the results! (All the software she uses has FREE trials, and you'll never come out of pocket and have to spend any money of your own before getting paid!)

This is an entirely AI-driven system that uses FREE tools, which are super easy to use when you know how! You never come out of pocket. Other than buying our training, today, you don’t need anything else to get your press release business up and running!

AI Press Release Profit$ -- Attorney Version is a simple 3-step system that anyone can get up and running, FAST! 

Use Gloria’s 5-minute per day research techniques to target only the right small to medium-sized attorney firms

Send out Gloria’s proven prospecting email using only a FREE Gmail account

Use Gloria’s onboarding templates and FREE AI software to write your press release

This is the perfect "laptop lifestyle" business!...T

Entirely email driven--just takes a free Gmail account!
System focuses only on "most likely to buy", high-value target businesses
Requires no paid emailing software . No mass email experience, software, or expertise
Gloria gets paid anywhere from $1k to $2k per month per client.
Completely powered by easy-to-use AI
AI template-driven system...proven to work! 
Takes only a few hours a week to build a sizeable business
Takes only minutes a day to run and manage
Requires no employees, VAs, or contractors...completely AI-driven
This is the perfect "laptop lifestyle" business. Perfect for digital entrepreneurs, digital nomads, and side-hustle entrepreneurs
This system is completely new and has never, ever before been taught to anyone!

You get everything you need to start building a real business, just like Gloria's, FAST!

Gloria's new video-based course teaches you everything you need to know to build a profitable business selling press releases to attorney firms

In addition, you get all the templates, brochures, cheat sheets, and presentations that Gloria uses today in her own business

And, you get over $500 of bonuses that will make building your new business quick and easy--see below to see all the money-making, profit-spewing bonuses that will be yours when you purchase AI Press Release Profit$, today

Buy today, and get these amazing, bonuses...they'll make building your business a breeze!

1000 new, never before mailed prospecting emails--mail these using Gloria's system and start landing clients, NOW!
Gloria's proven prospecting sheet and system--it does the follow-up for you! 
The exact PowerPoint that Gloria uses as a sales presentation--no skills needed, just let the PowerPoint do the "heavy lifting"
Real-time onboarding training with Lee and Gloria--this is where Gloria turns most of her new clients into $1000 to $2000 monthly recurring income clients!
Real-time sales, presentation, and follow-up training with Lee and Gloria--Learn the exact words to say in all possible sales situations!

AI Press Release Profit$ Is An Amazingly Simple and Easy Business System Anyone Can Do In Their Spare Time!

No previous skills required
No cold calling
No need to spend thousands of dollars trying out different AI platforms (most of which don't work)
No need to buy crappy software that's not supported
No need to chase after every shiny object that comes through your inbox--only to be disappointed yet again
No need to hire VAs, freelancers, or outsourcers

This is a super simple business that can be done from anywhere. You can build your business working part-time, just a few hours a week!

All you need to do to get started is go through our A-Z training and start implementing Gloria’s AI-powered system.

Gloria’s proven email templates and mailing strategy will build your client base for you. AI does the rest of the heavy lifting.

You can build your new business from any country in the world working only part-time!

We should be selling this for at least $997, but we're you can get everything for a small, one-time payment of only...

Let’s list everything you get

Gloria’s new course—You learn her whole system, everything from getting clients using her proven, email templates to using AI to fulfill those clients. 
Gloria’s own pricing sheet, one-sheet sales brochure, social posting cheat sheet, all her onboarding questions, and her proven PowerPoint sales presentation
In addition…you get these amazing bonuses…1,000 “virgin” emails ready for you to plug into Gloria’s amazing system, her own prospect tracking sheet (does the follow-up for you!), and sales and onboarding roleplay training with Gloria and Lee. (This will be delivered via webinar.)
Oh…we're also throwing in 4,000 more “virgin” emails for a massive discount! (You don’t have to get this, but you’d be crazy not to!)

You get everything for only...

Still not sure? Check out our FAQ!

What is AI Press Release Profit$?

AI Press Release Profit$ -- Attorney Version is our new training that shows you exactly how Gloria makes $1000 to $2000 per month per client selling press releases written by AI software to attorney clients.

What exactly are you selling businesses?

Gloria sells press releases to small to medium-sized attorney firms. You can run this business from anywhere in the world! 

Why do attorney firms need press releases?

Press releases are a tried and true way for professional services firms (like attorneys) to market themselves. The only problem with press releases is smaller firms don't have dedicated marketing people on their payroll to do this for them. So, they have to hire this out to freelancers. 

I'm really new, can I do this?

If you go through the course, you should have no problem. 

Do I need a website or anything else?

Nothing else is needed other than a free Gmail account. 

Is this just for the US?

Not at all! This works fine anywhere in the world. You can live anywhere and have clients anywhere.

How do you post the press releases and do you teach us how to do that?

Gloria uses a few different press release posting sites. She goes over all of this both in the recorded, video training and in the live training.

How long should it take me to see real money?

This is the unanswerable question. As I said above, a lot of people buy products and never even go through the training. 

What skills do I need?

Just the ability to go through the training and follow very basic instructions. 

Is this guaranteed?

Seven days from the date of purchase. No questions asked. Total money back. 

Are there any otos? 

Just one. 

This oto is for people who want to scale and let automation do the scaling for them. Gloria calls this system the Email Beast. This is a radically new approach to business-to-business email marketing which will build your client list for you! Only get this if your goal is to create a real “job quitting” business FAST!

Gloria and I are super excited about helping you finally build that business of your dreams! Upon purchase, you'll be sent an email from our secure members' platform. Open that email, log in, and let's get to work! 

This is a sale item. All sales are final!


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