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Imagine never having to fear selling again. Never having to worry about what you’re going to say on the sales call. Never having to follow up with all those people who can’t make up their minds, ever again!

"My Insanely Simple, 5-Minute Sales System Will Change How You Sell FOREVER!"

Lee Cole

Hi Lee,

I just want to say WOW??! YOUR PROGRAM IS THE REAL DEAL !!! I have completed only ¼ of the program and I already have a client. Thanks Lee.

Best regards,


Hi! I’m Lee Cole. In 2010, I quit my job as a mathematics teacher and started an offline business. I had my first client within 24 hours. I landed my first long-term recurring income client within a month. (We’re talking over $2k per month, each and every month.) Since 2011, I’ve trained hundreds of people to successfully change their lives by learning how to start real offline businesses that actually work.

In this short sales letter, I want to talk to you about how you can finally start and grow the offline business you've always dreamed of!

Lee reveals the “secret” I wish I already know. Best of all, I got my first client in one week! I highly recommend Lee Cole’s course!

Liza L.

This is how most people sell…

  • They qualify the prospect by asking them a bunch of questions
  • They bore the daylights out of the prospect by making them sit through a 30 minute sales presentation or worse
  • They spend endless frustrating hours day after day with various types of follow up
  • They usually lose the sale!

Selling like this is brutal. It’s frustrating and psychologically exhausting for both the salesperson and the prospect.

In my own local marketing business, I don’t sell like this at all. I use an entirely different method. (I developed this method 30 years ago in an entirely different business.)

With my method, prospects qualify themselves, my sales presentation takes five minutes or less (yes, you read that right!), my close ratio is sky high, and I do virtually no follow up.

My method is stress-free and painless both for me and for the prospect.

It’s also simple as sh$t!

If you're tired of beating your head agains the wall, being frustrated, and not building your business as fast as you want to, keep reading. I'm going to show you something AMAZING!

My AMAZING 5-Minute Sales System!

An Insanely Simple System Anyone Can Use to Build a HUGE Business, FAST!

I purchased and went through all of your videos. You are right. This training is life changing. Sonya Vickars

My 5-Minute Sales System! is super-easy to learn, stress-free, literally takes 5 minutes or less, and requires virtually zero follow up. Heck, you don’t even have to qualify your prospects, they self-qualify!

There are a ton of other benefits to using my 5-Minute Sales System!...

  • You only speak with people who are already ready to buy
  • You can do your entire sales presentation in five minutes or less, many times the whole thing takes only a few seconds
  • You never, ever have to handle objections again
  • You can easily work part-time and enjoy a full-time income (because you're so efficient)
  • You naturally attract only the best clients, and the easiest ones to work with
  • You virtually never have to do real follow up of any kind

With my 5-Minute Sales System! selling becomes fun and easy. Heck, I often have clients contacting me BEFORE I even speak to them the first time and asking me where to send their money. They sell themselves!

My 5-Minute Sales System! is super-easy to learn. There’s virtually no skill involved. If you can follow some simple instructions, you can do this too!

My system allows even complete introverts (like me) to outsell ten-year veterans.

Newbie friendly? If you’re new to this deal, you’re in luck. You don’t have to unlearn what the “pros” do. You’ll be able to learn the new system and get up and running in no time.

There are even more benefits to this life-changing, simple system. One of which is you’ll be able to actually raise your prices, often by as much as double.

Imagine never having to fear selling again. Never having to worry about what you’re going to say on the sales call again. Never having to follow up with all those people who can’t make up their minds again!

My 5-Minute Sales System!  makes building your local marketing business fun, instead of hard work.

You’ll wake up in the morning excited about what you’re doing, instead of worrying about it.

You’ll make more money easier and faster than you ever dreamed possible, even if you’re a complete newbie!

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Let’s Summarize

5-Minute Sales System! is a series of group coaching webinar replays. In this series, you’re going to learn my radical, counter-intuitive, easy, fun and profitable 5-Minute Sales System! This system is going to revolutionize your life. It’s going to make building your local marketing business a piece of cake!

This is a limited-time special offer. No refunds and/or rebuys allowed. If you don't think you want it, don't get it.

To Your Best Success!

Lee Cole